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The iOS 15 update announcement brings in a wave of Memes and Jokes
The announcement that iPhone 6S is compatible for the iOS 15 update leaves users amused and awestruck.

The Apple WWDC Event 2021 was looked at with a lot of anticipation and excitement, with users eagerly speculating and guessing the possible changes and updates. The event did give the users its share of surprises and some of them are quite unexpected that users are in need of some time to update their minds to match the pace of the announcement.

iOS 15

The one that caught the intrigue and attention of the people was the fact that the six-year-old iPhone being compatible with the iOS 15 update which did shake the ground a bit. Nobody saw that coming and once again Apple has proved that “nothing is impossible.”

And not so unsurprisingly, the surprising announcement has made people polish their sarcasm and wit to unleash it on their meme-making skills once again filling Twitter with the same. Apparently, it is not just excitement that can take the form of funny memes, skepticism too can be the kick-off point of creative memes and jokes that are on point, and quite amusing.

Here is a compilation of the best memes and responses from Twitter.

It is always better for your heart to expect the unexpected. We have witnessed 2020 and almost half of 2021, so it should not be a problem anymore.

Looks like showtime is still not over for iPhone 6S.

You cannot blame them for being taken aback.

Battery life was always a question. Now it becomes a question mark.

It is a blurry world after all, philosophically speaking.

And then there are some souls like that.




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