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The mysterious Whatsapp trick! View status of others without letting them know.

View status of anyone  you want on Whatsapp without even letting them see that you viewed it! This crazy Whatsapp trick will let you watch statuses anonymously but comes with a catch.

View status of anyone without letting anyone know is no less than a superpower. To see a WhatsApp contact’s status without telling them that you really have seen their status before it vanished? Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp all have a very popular feature of sharing ‘Stories’ for a span of 24 hours. The person who uploads a story can also see who views their stories.
However, we can you the Whatsapp trick to secretly watch someone’s story. WhatsApp- the lion of all the messenger out there just keeps coming up with new updates. The answer to this mystery of watching someone’s story without having to know them lies in one of the old features of WhatsApp.

The feature which lets you view stories without letting people know is ‘Read receipts’.

How to view status of others on Whatsapp without letting them know:

view status of someone without letting them know

source- menxp

There is just one easy step for the mysterious Whatsapp trick and you will be good to go!

  1. Head on to your WhatsApp app
  2. Tap on your settings
  3. Open the Privacy section.
  4. Turn off the Read receipts.

After turning off the read receipts it is for sure that no one will be able to see that you view their status. However, there is a catch to it.

Similarly as turning off the Read Receipts for messages doesn’t inform you as to whether the individual has perused your message or not, you will likewise not have the option to see who all have checked your status. However, on the off chance that you approve of not keeping a tab on who all saw your status, at that point this element comes truly helpful.

Follow similar methodology to turn on Read Receipts as you did when you needed to turn them off.




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