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The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 boasts major improvements

After releasing a foldable smartphone plagued with malfunctions and problems, Samsung has learned from its past mistakes. The newly released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 hit the markets in India in September 2020 and has not failed to surprise. The follow-up foldable phone has been freed of the many issues the first Galaxy Fold had and outbids its predecessor in almost every way. Refined hinges, a bigger screen, overall better usability among other improvements make the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 leap ahead in the still young market of foldable phones. 

Samsung succeeded in delivering a mature foldable smartphone, which doesn’t feel like a malfunctioning prototype but steps into the centre stage as a high-end device that looks and feels premium. While Samsung is currently leading the way in the foldable smartphone realm, other brands are quick to catch up, with Motorola, Huawei, LG and Microsoft developing their foldable versions. So far, it’s a device aimed at early adopters and tech aficionados eager to try the new smartphone-tablet hybrid. Will the foldable smartphone with its outstanding features and perks become the phone of the masses in the future? 


The specs

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 doesn’t fail to impress packed with large displays on both the outside and inside, a dynamic refresh rate, a robust hinge system and an upgraded multitasking functionality. The interior AMOLED display of the unfolded screen stretches over remarkable 7.6 inches, supporting a 120Hz refresh rate. The outer display impresses with a 6.2-inch diagonal. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset offering high performance and efficiency. Photography enthusiasts get three rear cameras with 12.0 MP each. The front camera for selfies comes with 10.0 MP. 

Samsung has learned from its past mistakes and corrected these accordingly. As for the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, users complained about a whole plethora of issues, scratched screens, broken hinges and a “jelly effect” when scrolling. Now the Galaxy Z Fold2 is equipped with Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), making the screen much more durable. The hinges have been redesigned and improved. Using elastic brushes, the hinges keep out dirt and dust. Furthermore, the self-supporting hinges allow the device to stay flexed in different angles, offering several new multitasking functionalities. Overall Samsung took major steps to improve what had previously been badly executed. 


The advantages of foldable smartphones

While foldable smartphones are currently only an attractive device for early adopters, the hybrid between a smartphone and tablet does offer a lot of advantages. These could make the difference in the future in making it a smartphone for the masses. Foldables offer all the perks of a bigger tablet screen, without having to deal with a large device. Folded, it fits perfectly in your pocket, unfolded you have a massive screen to play and work with as you please. The multitasking functionality makes it easier to work on the foldable phone, as you can organize the screen layout according to your individual needs, tremendously increasing efficiency and functionality.

Foldables also offer major benefits for mobile gamers. In the flexed position of the Galaxy Z Fold2 the game controls can be on one half of the screen, making it easier to press the buttons. With 120Hz even performance-intensive games such as Call of Duty: Mobile run smoothly. Fully unfolded it offers all the benefits of playing on a large screen. With casual games such as Candy Crush Saga the bright symbols shine even more. For casino players, there is also entertaining slot games that can be played in VegasSlotsOnline.com where the benefits show, too: when spinning the reels of the colourful slots the game is even more immersive and entertaining on the large screen. Overall, the foldable screen is a great advantage for a more enjoyable gaming experience on the go. Will these benefits stand out and convince more people to choose a foldable device over a traditional smartphone in the future?

With the Galaxy Z Fold2 Samsung succeeded in delivering a high-quality foldable smartphone which stands out as an especially mature device in a very young market. While foldable smartphones currently have an extremely limited customer base due to high pricing and questionable durability, they could become the device of the future, once technological issues and hurdles of new technologies have been ironed out.



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