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The Online Gaming Market Is an Investment Cauldron!

Online gaming is not exactly a recent phenomenon as the scene is now maturing mid-way through its third decade in action. iGaming is hugely popular, MOBA gaming is breeding new millionaire esports players, and mobile games are now the new fad!

When you research the growth figures over the years, the online gaming market looks like it is on steroids. To put it elegantly, it is a non-stop growth machine that shows no signs of ‘ever’ slowing down. 

At least if this market does eventually plateau, that time will not come for decades. By then it probably will not matter to anyone reading this right now because any future market cooldown will happen when you are grey and your hands are probably too old to keep up with the demands of modern gaming.

The only reason this could happen is if world population slows, the internet is now in every corner of the earth, and every gamer in the world has access to online gaming. Who else is there to sell more games to and grow the market? Yet, such market saturation is unlikely with the way businesses continue to invent alternative ways to fulfil our wants and needs.

Now there are plenty of us out there looking for investment opportunities and if you are lucky enough to have a bundle of surplus cash to invest in stocks, shares, or crypto, then now is the time. With future pandemics and increased instances of global meltdowns predicted to become more frequent, the internet and virtual reality are only going in one direction—and that is upwards in terms of cash!

However, which markets should we invest in? 

If you are looking for inspiration, studying businesses floated on stock exchanges and keeping up with the Jones next door in the crypto market can be a little too much for busy souls with a family, social life, work, fitness regimes and game time to fit into our busy schedules.

For some of us, it’s safe to go as far as to say that the research side of investment is boring. The only fun part is watching the price indexes of our chosen investment indices – fun made all the better when those charts climb!

How about investing in something you love? – Online Gaming!

If you enjoy online gaming, then reading about gaming firms could be fun to read, and while you are at it, you may well discover new trends, up-and-coming gaming tech, and new games coming out soon. There are also so many online gaming markets to choose from.


iGaming Investment

The iGaming scene is now one of the strongest online gaming markets in the world. Casino games are an age-old tradition worldwide whether you live in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, or Europe. 

It does not matter where you go in the world, there are casinos aside from a few select countries that outlaw casinos, but even in these countries there is a huge black-market gambling scene and underground casino industry. For example, in Thailand casinos are illegal, yet there are over 100 underground casinos in Bangkok alone!

However, today the lion’s share of casino gaming is on the internet, where you will easily find an abundance of online casinos with games customised for the localities the casino target. Take India for example where games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are popular. Now there are 100s of online casinos accepting players from India, these games are popular. 

You can see just how many online casinos target India in this article. On the same website, you can also find casinos that target UK specific audiences as well as South Africa, and an array of other countries which just goes to show how popular iGaming is. 

Many of the companies that design games and create casino platforms within the iGaming industry are open for public equity investment. That means you could get in on this growing market by buying shares in some of the top iGaming software companies. For example, Playtech is on the London Stock Exchange, NetEnt on the NASDAQ Stockholm and likewise Evolution Gaming is also on the NASDA Stockholm. 

Other Online Gaming Companies Worth Investing In

There are tons of video game stocks out there to invest in, you just need to find them. Check out SciPlay Corp. (SCPL), Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), and Nintendo Co. Ltd. (NTDOY) to name just some of the gaming companies present in the online gaming market with public shares available for purchase. 

There is also a new wave of gaming companies to come. Some are going to appear on the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange while others will come to light in the form of ICOs with cryptocurrencies attached. You will also see plenty of blockchain ecosystems within the iGaming industry becoming popular some time within the next decade or so. 

Moreover, virtual reality is still yet to pop its head up above water which will be an interesting new phenomenon when it does eventually hit the online gaming scene. VR is already in action in other industries and so it can only be a matter of time before it makes its way into the realms of home online gaming entertainment, and once again, the iGaming industry is sure to be one of the first to find ways to use VR for online casino gaming. 

All this is pretty exciting stuff if you are into your online gaming. Plus, if there is a particular niche like iGaming or MOBA games that you are interested in following, then your investment venture into online gaming firms will not be a chore but an interesting endeavour – and when you are working on projects you enjoy, this massively enhances your chances of success.



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