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Thoughts are the ideas which strike in our mind during the process of thinking. They might come at anytime of the day, at any situation. We then have to make differentiate between our useful and useless thoughts because our thoughts later become our actions. Act is a word which defines that something is done. So, when your thoughts are useful and you plan to act according to them you actually aim to achieve something different or extraordinary.


It is very easy to bring change in your thoughts because your personality works in the way you shape it according to the environment. So what is the possibility to bring the change? First of all it is necessary to understand who you are and what you want to be and after that we become able to bring change or become compassionate and concerned about improving our self and surrounding.

Therefore, through different ways you can change your thoughts; like be visible and stand out for the goals which build your confidence. However, for changing your mindset, it is necessary to find the anchor. It means when your mind is fickle and negative thoughts comes into the mind. They might weigh you down the goals and concentration and discouraging the confidence, as a result, find your anchor which helps in changing the mindsets and helps to achieve goals.


A thought affects your feelings, emotions, goals and concentration. If you have negative vibes it must affect your feelings. When you wake up so the thoughts of the subconscious mind begins to filter out into the thoughts of conscious mind. Which means subconscious thoughts are the master program, which are further performed by your actions and acts? In case your subconscious thoughts are negative so how is it possible that you will change your thinking and actions in a positive manner?

There are different ways through which thoughts doesn’t interfere the feeling and emotions, try to make a confident personality, practicing positive self talks and remove all the negative worries from the mind through this practice the person will able to think positive.


Your acts will also bring changes in your personality. It is basically a pathway; like firstly you think then feel and after that you will act accordingly. Through this pathway you make your personality to define who you actually are? And due to the changes in moods and personality you learn the different aspects of life. You also learn the way how to react in such circumstances.

Sometime health issues also affect your personality and confidence and due to health sometimes a person does not feel comfortable from the environment. The other times you might not feel relax in what you are doing or what is happening in your surroundings. Any of these factors may compel your mind to bring about the desired changes.

For this purpose people dream big, act positively, and achieve many desired results. Not merely for their self but also for other people related to them. Richard Alden in this regard is a big name to quote here. He always dreamed big for his work place. His focus was not to please himself rather he aimed to make his firm, ONO telecoms among the top telecom companies and Spain too. Richard Alden, worked as CEO of the company for about ten years. He became famous due to his technical approach. Later, he was called as a tech pioneer.


It totally depends on you that how you make your thoughts and acts. It is like a weight balance if you want to make your life easy and simple so it is necessary to maintain your moods thoughts and acts. If thoughts and acts are in the positive tract so it will maintain your personality and confidence. YES thoughts and acts are playing a vital role in making positive personality and in the end “a fulfilling and positive life starts with controlling your mind!”



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