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3 Interesting Anecdotes from Timex Legacy That You Might Not Know! 

For true believers of style and sophistication, the charm of wrapping luxury around their wrist is absolutely indispensable. And that’s what seasoned watch-makers have always aspired for—curating something that adds oodles of charm to their personality.

Over the years, luxury watch companies are on a quest to create line-segments that blends technology, design, and a subtle sense of uniqueness in the right proportion. The idea is to not just create a timepiece but to create a legacy that can be cherished, preserved and passed down from one generation to another.

We thoroughly understand that creditability is a difficult trait to maintain and achieve, considering the growth of deceitful brands but there are brands that haven’t only stood the test of time but emerged as an epitome of perfection; Timex being one of them.

The recently launched Marlin Automatic from Timex encapsulates a quirky aura that can easily lure a seasoned watch lover to make it a permanent part of their watch-collection.

Established back in 1854, the reason why Timex continued to be the darling of its customers is because of its impeccable dedication to cater to the exact needs of the watch-owner. Continuously evolving itself through time, there are several interesting anecdotes that add to the rich legacy of this sterling brand.

Woman friendly right from inception

Interestingly, the company has given due preference to women, not just as customers but also as employees. Known as Waterbury Clock Company during its initial days, the company employed a high number of female employees, which was absolutely surprising during that time. In the 1880s, 40% of the workforce included women. This helped the company to extend its dominance in the market and build several warehouses in the UK and the US. If you seek variety, infused with innovation when looking at women’s watches online for shopping, you know where to start your search from.

1st company to introduce the cheapest pocket-watch in the market

When searching for wrist-watch online for men, some of the best options are likely to have the Timex logo on it. To your surprise, the first breakthrough for Timex happened in the year 1896 when it introduced its first pocket-watch, ‘Yankee’ at just $1, which was cheapest in the market during that time. Just because it was cheap, it does not mean that it was shoddy by any parameter. The company proudly offered a one-year warranty on the watch and took ownership of its precision abilities.

The Micky-Mouse watch creator

Remember how we all drooled over those lovely Micky mouse watches as a child. That was one luxury every child secretly wanted to have. For your knowledge, Timex happened to be the first watchmaking company to etch Mickey-mouse on its dial. First introduced in 1933 Chicago World Fair, this particular line of watches made Timex stand out in the Timepiece creation market. Interestingly, the character’s arms happened to be the hands of the watch, making it an adorable timepiece for kids worldwide.



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