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The Twitter spotlight shifts to Catecoin as it surges by 8000 percent in 30 days.

The Twitter town has found a new topic to talk about. The usual crypto-related conversations focused primarily on DOGE and SHIB have made way for their newest rival who is putting up a good bit of competition. Yes, we are talking about the new star in town, Catecoin which has managed to turn some heads with the commendable rise in price. And as usual, Twitterati has been pouring their mind over this new meme token that has displayed its potential in less than a month. But then again, we are talking about cryptocurrency. You never know what is going to happen next.


The What and Why

Catecoin is a decentralized meme token. The primary intention behind the launch of this meme token was to add real value to the meme marketplace. And now, within a month of its launch, the meme token’s price has surged by a whopping 8000 percent. The platform will provide ample help to the meme and content creators to earn and create decentralized memes. The developers of the coin have also planned a game called “Rise of Cata” to support it. Catecoin comes with a spectrum of opportunities for content and meme creators. It also facilitates the meme community to earn a passive income, in addition to its primary function.

Many investors are already rooting for this new meme token as it exudes a certain level of promise for the future. There is every possibility that Catecoin might take the central stage as it is the only CAT-themed coin in the crypto space at the moment. And this is a major point of attraction for a good number of investors who are investing their profit from Dogecoin and SHIB in Catecoin. This meme token has already proved to be a major rival for both Dogecoin and SHIB. Its massive price surge attests to this fact, gaining more and more attention from the investor community. Another major advantage of the meme token that draws more people to it is the fact that it is possible to earn using Catecoin. As long as the transactions are in Catecoin, the users can earn 2 percent on each transaction. Another reason for the massive surge of the coin is its flexibility of use, quite unlike DOGE and SHIB.

It is evident that the spotlight is slowly shifting to this new star in town and quite naturally, Twitterati began to talk about it, and before long it rocketed to the trending list. Let us flip through a few reactions and responses on Twitter.



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