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The World’s 5 Most Creative Beautiful Solar Farms
Solar farms are not only sustainable, but also enrich the beauty of the scenery.

Solar farms are clean renewable energy resources that are available abundantly. Furthermore, setting up the solar farms on large ground spaces could be boring and routine, so some of the manufacturers put art into it. Like Disney’s Mickey mouse-shaped solar farms.

7 Creative Applications of Solar Energy - ASME

Image credits- ASME

A research was conducted on finding the potential of solar energy in the Sahara Desert. As per this research, the one desert itself has the potential to provide power to the world. Hence, here are some of the most beautiful solar plants, which often leave their visitors in awed mode.

1. New Caledonia’s heart-shaped solar farm by Conergy

Heart-shaped solar farm on the Pacific island of New Caledonia.

The solar farm by Conergy can supply enough power to 750 homes, with 2MW power. Furthermore, the design was inspired by the wild mangrove vegetation nearby the locality, known as “Heart of Voh”. Additionally, the farm has a total of 7,888 solar panels. Besides becoming a landmark locally, the heart shape also has worldwide recognition.

2. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Solar Farm

In central Florida, <a href="https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-disney-duke-solar-20160412-story.html">a solar facility shaped like Mickey Mouse&rsquo;s head</a> produces enough electricity to power 1,000 homes.

Located just outside the Disney World Kingdom, the Mickey Mouse has a capacity of 50MW power. Also, it is spread across 270-acre land and is currently reducing 57,000 tons of gas emissions every year. Interestingly, the power from these solar farms goes to nearby homes, not just the Disney world.

3. Solar Mountain by NUDES in Nevada desert


This solar farm provides 300 MWh of renwable energy per year & is a  community space at the Burning Man! | LaptrinhX

Interestingly, this solar mountain was one of the ten solar projects selected for Burning Man’s mission. And, the design is inspired with a motive to blend in with the environment. Also, it is a fun place. Which is Created for people to play, grow and interact. As in recreating, energy and community. As each unit of the mountain has 182 solar panels, with a capacity of 1.2 kWh/day.

4. Ouarzazate Noor solar farm in Marocco


Noor Ouarzazate Solar Plant - E-Dem Wallpaper Image

The Marocco solar farm can provide power to 1 million people. Also, this is the Noor third phase project, which uses a solar power tower. Furthermore, the system has movable mirrors surrounding the tower that can focus the sunlight on the tower. Hence, this method is known as concentrated solar energy. Then, the energy produced is stored in batteries. Currently, the system has a disadvantage. That, it is dangerous for birds to flow around near the tower.

5.  Les Mees solar farm in France


The Les Mees solar farm is located in La Colle des Mées plateau in southern France. Covering an area of 200 acres, the farm is designed to make it environmentally friendly. Thus, as the solar panels are removed, the underlying grass will still be intact, at least most of it. Also, there is a total of 110,000 modules with a 100MW capacity.




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