This futuristic AI tool will change your school and college life!

This futuristic AI tool will change your school and college life!

With AI and ML becoming more advanced, the things they can do are pretty insane. For example, the DALL E tool was recently made public and allows you to generate images from scratch using text. You can give it any input, and it will give you multiple results. But the futuristic AI tool we are talking about today is even better, and it will change your school and college life.

The tool’s name is Chat GP, and it solves your maths, physics and chemistry problems and gives you the answer. The best part is that it also shows you all the steps of the solution.

Caren recently shared a video on Tiktok showing how to use the tool. So, in the above image, we can see that there are multiple MCQ questions, and he copies one of them.

After that, he opens the Chat GP tool which he says was “down” for a couple of days but now is working fine.

There is a text bar below where he pastes the question he copied from his homework document.

After pressing the enter button, in a matter of a few seconds, the AI bot starts to solve the problem in a step-by-step manner.

It takes around 15 seconds and gives the correct answer, which was option B in this case.

This is definitely a tool that is going to make your school and college life a lot easier, but we must also note that no matter how good it is, there is always a possibility of making mistakes.

So, as a student, if you are completely dependent on this tool or something similar in that case, you might not be able to get good grades all the time.

Even the example used to demonstrate Chat GP, in this case, was rather a simple problem. It was pointed out by many viewers in the comments as well.

One of them wrote, “Bro graduates in 1 semester, and this is what he is studying for.” To this, another viewer replied, Right I just solved it in my head in 20 seconds; dude is mind blown the computer can solve it in 1 minute.”

Watch the video here:


I GRADUATE IN 1 SEMESTER #chatgpt #fyp

♬ original sound – Caren Babaknia

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