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This guy purchased a water bottle using Dogecoin

Yeah, as we remind ourselves of the iconic pizza purchase that happened almost 11 years back using Bitcoin, something iconic has also happened in the present. A guy shared a video on Reddit showing that he purchased a water bottle from a store using Dogecoin. This is probably the first in-store purchase that we are seeing with the currency. Do note that there are many websites that sell products and accept Dogecoin. Heck, one can buy even NBA tickets with Doge, but this is different as it’s made at a normal store.

Just used Dogecoin to make an in store purchase! from dogecoin

Dogecoin’s increasing popularity!

I never imagined that someday someone would purchase a product using dogecoin. We have come a long way thanks to the repeated tweets of Elon Musk and the price increase of Dogecoin. Maybe this is the first step towards the currency overtaking the global banking system. If you think how that is possible, it is just 50 cents; remember that there was a time when 10,000 Bitcoin were used to purchase two Pizzas. Now I am pretty sure with that kind of money; one can open more than 100 pizza restaurants.

Man purchases water bottle  using Dogecoin

Image credits: CNEToge

Also, note that Dogecoin was made as a meme currency and its creators never intended it to be this way. So, it is really interesting to see that even they are fascinated by the growth of the coin. Funnily they sold all their holdings to buy a Honda Civic back in 2015. And obviously, now they do regret that decision.

Coming to the recent purchase using dogecoin, the funniest comment that I read was a guy saying that he can’t wait 10 years to find out that that bottle purchase is now worth $100k. Well, I don’t know about that, but yes, this purchase is for sure going to mean something in the next decade.

What are your thoughts on the in-store water bottle purchase made using Dogecoin? And do you think this will also be remembered as an iconic moment in history? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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