“This is just ridiculous”: Girl vows never to buy Starbucks again!

There was a time when fast food joints offered a lot of food for less money. It allowed low-income workers to feed themselves. However, with inflation, things have gotten so bad that prices are off the roof. If you buy a happy meal, your kid might be happy, but your wallet will definitely not be. The skyrocketing prices are the reason why this girl vows never to buy Starbucks again!

Maya starts off the video by saying, “Listen. I just paid $7.83 for a Grande Pumpkin spice latte with soy milk at Starbucks. This is the last time I’m buying Starbucks.”

She then continues, “I literally cannot justify this anymore. That is just ridiculous. And since I’ve been in Poland for like 2 weeks, I’m constantly going back and just comparing like I’m like that’s like 20 Zl.”

Maya says that for that amount of money, she could have ridden an Uber for half an hour or even gotten a proper breakfast. Some people in the comments even pointed out that in Bali, one could have a proper meal for 4 for $8.

Girl vows never to buy Starbucks again!

So, she poses with her drink and says, “just take a screenshot of this because this is it.”

But if she is not gonna get coffee from Starbucks, what is the other option. The first thing Maya does after vowing never to drink Starbucks again was to go to a store and get a coffee machine.

She also tried to get a discount at the counter by saying, “I got a flyer in the mail, but I didn’t look at it.”

Girl vows never to buy Starbucks again!

The comments on the video were also all about how the prices of Starbucks are ridiculous, and it doesn’t make sense anymore. One of them wrote, “It’s been close to 2 years I haven’t had Starbucks.”

While another opinioned, “I seriously don’t understand the hype Starbucks. Little coffee shops make a better coffee and way cheaper.”

Some viewers of her also purchased the same coffee machine she did, and now he says that “I can’t even think about paying 1 dollar for Starbucks.”

Watch the video here:


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