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This Tom Cruise deepfake looks like the real Tom Cruise

A user on Twitter posted a TikTok with Tom Cruise in it. Fun Fact: If you see the video that I will attach below, he will most definitely look like Tom Cruise than even Tom Cruise himself. And eerily enough, he is not the real Tom Cruise, but a deepfake create using AI. It looks so real that it won’t be possible to distinguish between them if not specifically mentioned. This also creates fear and paranoia about how deadly AI could be in the future. If it can impersonate anyone so realistically, it will be more than easy to commit crimes or spread propaganda.

More on the deepfake of Tom Cruise

Deepfakes are not something new, and they have gotten wildly better with time. Also, if you check out the attention to detail in this video, it is significant. When Tom falls in the video, you can clearly see his shadow in the table glass. And that creates an even realistic feeling in the video. This was also pointed out by a user on Twitter.

Tom Cruise

Is it the real Tom Cruise?

I am concerned, along with everyone else that has seen this video. If deepfakes become so real, it will become practically impossible for the naked eye to distinguish between them. It will also lead to the possible denying of real events in the name of deepfake. One of the most concerning ways that it can be used is to spread political propaganda and create hate on social media. As that is one place where users won’t easily be able to tell the difference.

There are many other videos in the past too that have left users speechless regarding the capability of Deepfakes. This could result in the future where seeing something with your own eyes doesn’t mean that it’s real. We should really focus on creating ways that can be used to detect Deepfakes, and most importantly, it should be used in social media platforms. So it cannot be used to create false propaganda on the web.

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