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Thor industries reveals an electric tow assisted “eStream” trailer concept

The recreational vehicles manufacturer, Thor industries revealed a new electric two-assisted eStream trailer concept that is advanced and takes advantage of towing. It has built-in battery packs and an electric motor, which will help reduce the range loss. Despite the vehicle being towing to the vehicle, it would be pushing itself up to some extent and not reducing the vehicle range.

Airstream eStream electrified camping trailer

Image credits- Motor Authority

The eStream trailer is one of a kind where the camping trailer can be used as a towable vehicle and also not be a burden on the vehicle. As the towable vehicles do not have wheels and other driving options, they have space for other things within the trailer. It kind of looks like a room with wheels, but Thor industries seem to be one step ahead as they make advanced eStream trailers. The vehicle can be controlled through a mobile phone. Remotely maneuvering in and out of parking spaces would ensure the vehicle is parked at the right place.

While the eStream is officially just a concept, technology like this could prove useful in the real world. EVs can see range drop nearly in half when towing, and most public charging stations can’t accommodate trailers. So anything that could potentially boost range would be a big help to EV-driving campers.

Other features

The mentioned features are only part of what the concept actually brings in. Many campsites offer 240-volt service, where the eStream and an additional EV could be recharged. When not plugged in, the eStream also has solar panels that can regain the power to the camper’s 80 kWh battery system (no more diesel generators powering campers).

The trailer has a large tablet-style infotainment system and other internet features that feature cars now have. It is a Ford Transit van converted to an EV with a futuristic tech-filled interior. Furthermore, the concept also includes solar panels and a power source that can charge the batteries for extended dry camping periods.

Interesting concepts for camping vans are coming up. Another such concept was unveiled by Winnebago. They plan to make an electric RV van. Both Winnebago and Thor electric trailers will be made from Ford transit. While Winnebago believes customers prefer vehicles with lesser range (below 200 miles), Thor Industries is aiming for a 300 miles range.  However, one has to wait till the production model comes out to actually see the features and decide on better options.



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