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TikTok is stealing all your data: Even your financial details aren’t safe

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced that TikTok is stealing all your data. So, if you have it in a device where your crypto is stored and so are your banking details, then you must be worried. First of all, uninstall the app and clear all its cache; secondly, move your crypto to different wallets and, finally, reset your banking details. It will ensure that the data TikTok has stored isn’t usable.

What data does Tiktok collect?

Now one might think that it will be limited to stealing user data that we voluntarily give on the platform. Well, things aren’t that simple, and its relation to China only makes it worse. It reported that they are stealing our browsing histories, keystroke patterns, faceprints, fingerprints, voice data, location, messages in the draft, clipboard data, text, images, and even videos. So, you can understand how bad the situation is. If you have done any sensitive task on your device and had TikTok installed on your phone, it is probably compromised.

TikTok is stealing all your data: Even your financial details aren't safe
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Now some users are saying that an app cannot access all this data without the permissions provided by the user. However, we must note that it is not entirely true. Let’s say if someone has given only access to their images to TikTok and has a screenshot of their password or wallet key, then it might be compromised. Now some users on Reddit are saying that this is going too far, and TikTok couldn’t access all this information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Banning TikTok

Many countries have banned the app, and you can see now why they did it. Protecting the citizens of a country is the first priority of the government and banning the app was a step toward doing that. India also restricted the use of the app in the country, along with many other Chinese apps that were also deemed unsafe for use. If there is even 1% truth to the claims made by FCC and the way TikTok collects user data, users must be cautious.

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