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TikTok Makes Money from Families Begging in Livestreams.

According to a BBC investigation, displaced families in Syrian camps are pleading for donations on TikTok while the corporation keeps up to 70% of the money.

On the social networking platform, kids spend hours livestreaming while appealing for digital goods with a monetary value.

The BBC discovered that while streams were making up to $1,000 (£900) per hour, the individuals living in the camps were only receiving a minuscule fraction of that.

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TikTok promised to act quickly to stop “exploitative begging.”

The business said that it did not permit this kind of content on its platform and that their commission on digital presents was considerably lower than 70%. However, it chose not to confirm the precise sum.

An earlier video of a family in a Syrian camp filled users’ TikTok feeds, garnering support from some viewers and worries about fraud from others.

The BBC discovered that the “TikTok middlemen” who gave families the phones and equipment to go live were facilitating the trend in the camps in north-western Syria.

The middlemen claimed to have relationships with TikTok-related organisations in China and the Middle East who provided the families with access to their TikTok accounts. These organisations are a component of TikTok’s global recruitment campaign for livestreamers, which aims to increase app usage.