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Tim Cook explains why iOS is better than Android

Tim Cook

Source: AppleInsider

iPhones have always been considered better than Android in terms of performance and look because of several reasons. There is no doubt in the fact that Android is still the most popular and widely used mobile Operating System but iOS, in general, tends to be better, faster, reliable and good looking than any Android iteration in these past years.

Having said that, Tim Cook recently did an interview with Brut where he talked about how Android had 47 times more malware than iOS. The interview was a part of the Viva Tech Conference wherein the Apple CEO discussed about the company’s commitment to privacy, the differences between Android and iOS and Apple’s plans about the future of Augmented Reality.

When asked about the new DMA rules regarding Side Loading, Tim Cook says that he and the team strongly disagree with the concept of Side Loading on iOS. He mentioned that features like nutrition labels in the App Store and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency would no longer exist if Side Loading came into play.

As mentioned in a report by iPhone Hacks, Tim Cook added to his statement that Side Loading would damage both Security and Privacy at Apple. He then takes an example of malware and says that Android had 47 times more malware than iOS and this is because Apple has designed iOS in such a way that there’s only one App Store and all the apps that are available on it are reviewed prior to going live on the store. Tim Cook believes that this is the reason why malware stuff is able to stay away from Apple’s infamous ecosystem.

Tim Cook carried the conversation by saying that Apple customers have reached out to the company time and again to show how much they value that in a company. So, Tim Cook and all of Apple plans to stand up for those users in discussions about the new DMA rules and we will see where it goes, says Cook.

Furthermore, Apple CEO talks about privacy in the Apple ecosystem and how it is a basic human right, a fundamental human right. The company says that it has been focusing on privacy for decades now. Other than this, Tim Cook went on to say that if everyone is worried about someone constantly watching them, they automatically begin to do less and think less and no one wants to live in a world where the concept of freedom of speech and expression is narrowed.

“Privacy goes to the heart of just one of the key values of Apple,” says Tim Cook.



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