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Tinder App to roll out “Face-to-Face” feature globally, enabling opt-in video chatting

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Online dating culture has been encouraged by apps like Tinder which is a good thing as it allows two unknown individuals to meet and become friends. Tinder is one of the most downloaded applications of all time which is currently on 3rd ranking of the US most downloaded apps, both on iOS and Android.

Currently, Tinder is world’s most popular dating app for people to connect and find their matches and recently, it has rolled out a brand new feature to extend the time people spend on the app and to make it more engaging with the communications they have with their matches.

Tinder has launched “Face-to-Face” video chatting feature that is opt-in only, it lets users exchange a word and communicate with their matches more effectively without exchanging personal information like phone numbers, social media handles etc.

Well, to state the obvious, there could not be more perfect timing as people are literally house-arrested and refrain from socialising because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdown by various governments across the globe. A very strategic and timely decision to roll out such a feature!

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Nevertheless, there are obvious creepy reasons which can completely ruin the experience of Tinder and it cannot be ignored. To this, Tinder alleges that this feature is not from the company’s video and media team but from the Trust and Safety team which will ensure the correct usage of such feature on their widely popular platform.

Rory Kozoll is the Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder and he mentions in a statement that the team is excited to roll out this feature to Tinder’s global community. Furthermore, he adds that this feature has received positive feedback from users having early trial access of the same. “Face-to-face” is another useful and engaging feature that makes the online dating app a safe platform for its users. Tinder has other features like the Safety Centre, photo verification, offensive message detection technology etc. that add to the list.

Tinder is aware of the basic matching feature that is a primary step to the process; both the parties shall match before this feature is enabled. Even after matching, one party sends a video-chat invite; the other party can wishfully opt to decline the call, just as in a regular phone call.

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And, if there is someone creepy that you might have matched with, who is annoying you with inappropriate messages and repeated video calls, you can simply report the person by going into his profile and following the basic “report” procedure.

Tinder has been strong since its inception and with this feature rolling out globally, the in-app experience of the online dating platform will enhance in every way.






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