Tinder’s in-app currency could soon be a thing

Reports suggest that Tinder’s in-app currency could soon be a thing. The idea behind this currency will be to keep users hooked in the app with more features and usages. This will ultimately result in them paying real money by making one-time purchases. The in-app currency we are talking about here is like coins/cash present in games like BGMI or other popular titles. Most of them generate a larger chunk of revenue for the application/game.


Tinder's in-app currency could soon be a thing

It is rumoured that the idea behind this addition will be to keep people more active as they can earn the coins by doing so. On the other hand, less active users can directly buy them will real money. The coins can be used for a lot of additional features like super swipes, boosts and more. Do note that these features are still present on the site, and just the way they were being accessed could be changed. Research done by Tinder also shows that by introducing virtual currency, the chances that users pay for services increase.

Could it be a cryptocurrency?

Well, I don’t think they are going to complicate this much. Tinder hasn’t said anything about the in-app virtual currency being related to blockchain in any way. Reddit users have been predicting whether this would be related to crypto or not, while I firmly believe it will be the latter. Tinder could do one thing, they could set up a mechanism on the blockchain that would reward users based on their activity, but it is still unlikely.

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