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Tipbazaar.com – Connecting investors to the right financial analysts !

Stock market is all about finding the right information and advice. Leading financial portals have more than 70 million visits per month where visitors try to find the best advice for their investments. A significant majority of household investors heavily rely on such analyst advice. The total household investment market is 24.5 million of which nearly 22% is investments in secondary markets. On the other hand, Individual Tip Providers sell more than 10,000 packages per month and there are plenty of analysts in the market who provide tips but do not have exposure to marketing.  Tipbazaar, an analytical marketplace platform which allows stock market analyst to list their packages  and allows investors to compare verified performance analysis of stocks, now solves this question of connecting household investors to the right analysts.


Tipbazaar is first ever analytical marketplace platform that solves the bottleneck problem of “Finding the best stock analyst” or  “removing the fake stock analysts” by providing real-time verified performance analytics to investors and organize the totally unorganized market. The company has created unique platform which tracks the real-time performance of the tips given by analysts with the real-time exchange data and provides the verified performance analytics to investors. Investors can compare the verified performance analytics of Tip Packages and stock analysts & subscribe to best tip package by paying online. Analysts can then send their tips to subscribers via SMS and IVR calls.

Kanak Shah, CEO at TipBazaar.com

Kanak Shah, CEO at TipBazaar.com

The idea was first conceptualized when Kanak Shah, CEO of TipBazaar.com in 2013.Kanak is an MBA from the University of Greenwich, England. After coming back to India, Kanak invested in the stock market and it was there that he came across this problem of a gap between investors and a “right analyst”. It was then that he discussed the idea with  Rohit Jain, a serial entrepreneur and elder brother of a friend, along with technology geek and an old friend Ashish Jain and conceptualized the product and the business model. Rohit is now the Advisor at TipBazaar whereas Ashish  is the Technical Consultant. Soham Gala  is now the Financial Head of the company whereas Mr Arvind Birmi is the Head of Technology.

TipBazaar.com will soon launch their mobile app. The company is also starting activities to raise the funds with a few meeting scheduled with Angels in the month of October.The most chuck of funding will be allotted to Marketing and Technology development. Also, the company will be in need of Real-Time data which will also take up significant costs.




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