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Tips and Tricks to a Long-Lasting Car Paint

Nothing brings you more confidence than a shiny and spotless paint job on your car. In order for your car to keep its spark long after you leave the paint shop, you have to take care of it with specific interest to its exterior. Frequent visits to a paint shop simply because of a mess on your car’s paint can prove to be very hectic and somewhat costly in the long run. Fortunately, there are several ways to prolong your paint job and avoid those frequent visits to the paint shop. So, how do you protect your paint job to ensure it is long lasting?

Washing Regularly

Washing your car is the most predominant way to maintain your car’s paint job and prolong its perfect appearance. While at it, ensure to use high-quality car soap and avoid the use of dish detergents as they slowly harm your car’s paint. Apply soap using a foam sponge in straight lines rather than circular motion and rinse it off with clean water. Allowing your car to dry is a wrong move, as this will leave harmful chemical deposits from the water on your car’s paint job. Dry your car’s exterior preferably using a microfiber towel or a blower, this will deter the formation of swirls. Swirls appear after using the bathroom towel, paper towel, and rags and indicate paint erosion.

Occasional Waxing of Your Car

Waxing your car once every few months is one way of maintaining the sparkle in your paint job. Waxing provides a protective layer over paint, thus guarding it against the occasional dust, pollution, dirt, tree sap and corrosive bird droppings that your car encounters daily. More so waxing also helps in covering up minor scratches and minor blemishes on your car’s body. Paint job experts recommend the use of paste wax since it lasts longer than the liquid version.

Keep Your Car off the Sun

Sunlight has ultraviolet rays that have an oxidizing effect on paint. Overexposing your car to these rays will lead to the fading of your car’s paint, making it look much older than it actually is. Try to park your car in a shade to limit the exposure to ultraviolet rays. This step will increase the lifetime of your car’s paint job. With that said, it is best to avoid parking under trees as you again expose your car to bird droppings and honeydew (aphid’s excrement) that are corrosive under direct sunlight.

Cut Down on Machine Wash

Do automatic car washes damage paint? Yes, although you might opt for them for their convenience, it is best you know experts strongly advise against them. There are growing concerns on whether automatic car washes are bad and harmful to paint. Experts say these concerns are valid, as the brushes in such machines can be harsh on paint to the extent of causing marks and scratches. They also point out that the aggressive chemicals in use might erode any protective layers of wax or sealants from your car’s exterior. You would require a considerable amount of polishing for you to cover up the effects of a bad machine wash.

Use of Synthetic Coating

Synthetic coating is a new car ceramic paint protection method that you can use as an alternative to waxing your car. Besides providing your car with a wet brilliant glossy look, synthetic coating provides extreme longer lasting protection against abrasion and weathering effects. Whereas there is no amount of coating that is completely swirl proof, synthetic coating offers a higher resistance against them. Synthetic coating offers extreme protection from oil and water stains, and droppings from bugs and birds. With a thick layer of ceramic coating, these harmful effects can no longer cause permanent damage to your car’s paint job.

Seek Help from a Car Paint Shop

It is always good to lean on professionals when you intend to do something that is above your expertise. Besides paint protection, other services you can benefit from a paint shop include:

Paint correction

Over-spray removal

Concrete removal

Decal & sticker removal

Dings & dents correction

Other cosmetic restoration services

Finally, sort out paint shops with reputable car detailing services near you and get your shine back on!



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