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Tired of using Internshala? Give a try to KillerLaunch. Internshala vs KillerLaunch

Are you tired of using Internshala? 


You’re bored of it, so you want to try some other site for finding internships?

Don’t worry. I got you covered! 

Internshala provided us with so many opportunities to find internships.

It helped many people to start their careers.

And helped those employers provide career opportunities too…

But, time to say goodbye to Internshala.

And say hello to a website with more advanced features, KillerLaunch for your job hunt! Get free access to thousands of jobs/internships near you.

KillerLaunch can be your new stop to find internships. You want to know why?

In comparison to Internshala, you can find:

  1. A unique salary/stipend filter.
  2. A quick view option 
  3. 3.A specially designed search bar
  4. 4.Find jobs 2x faster

And you can get these advanced features all for free, without spending extra bucks, Look at this side to side comparison:



Better still, Internshala has more filter options than but we provide you a unique salary filter where you can enter the salary amount you wish to work for. 

So, no more scrolling through internships not matching your stipend expectations.







Find internships two times faster. Now you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through internships and individually analyzing each one of them. KillerLaunch provides a quick view option where you can quickly get the internship details without jumping to any other page. Easy to navigate, user friendly job descriptions.






KillerLaunch provides you more job/internship opportunities. On an average, Internshala provides you 3-4 openings at max as compared to 100+ applicants. It lessens your chance of selection. 

But due to the popularity of Internshala, you can find more internships there.




KillerLaunch provides you a unique dashboard where you can easily chat, check notifications and look at other options, without navigating to some other page. You can even add jobs/internships to your favorites. So hassle free job finding!






In KillerLaunch’s chatbox, you filter the messages according to the jobs/internships you’ve applied. In the internshala you have to scroll down through each message. 

So, convenience wise, KillerLaunch is winning here. You can notice that there’s no search member option in Internshala’s chatbox. So if you’ve applied to multiple companies, it will be quite difficult to manage all of them.

What’s more on KillerLaunch?

At KillerLauch we provide you with a unique facility of applying to startup jobs. Nowadays, startup jobs are in a huge demand in India. The startups work closely and value the work of each individual, recognizing them for their dedication. You need to hustle hard in order to reach the satisfaction level compared to normal jobs.

Compared to corporate jobs, startup jobs provide you with a more fun-loving and growing environment. Ideas are always welcomed, you stand with them in their failures and so do they!

KillerLaunch provides you with 100+ verified startup jobs. And the best part is we provide you with startup internships too!

Enter the details about your qualifications, projects, preferences, and places you have worked for before. The resume will get you going with a rocket speed.

How to find an internship on KillerLaunch:

  1. Visit KillerLaunch’s website and register there and create a  profile. Add all the relevant details and your profile is ready.
  2. Go to My Resume option and make your resume by filling all your educational, qualifications and skills.
  3. Now, you’re ready to apply for jobs. Set the filters according to your need and select the most favorable job.
  4. Click on Quick apply and your resume and details will be directly sent to the employer.
  5. Sit back and relax.

My reviews on KillerLaunch:

KillerLaunch is new to the market due to which it hasn’t gained much popularity yet. But when I tried KillerLaunch, I was amazed to see so many internships. They were all of the reputed organizations. 

The details of each internship like work to do, stipend (paid or unpaid), and the organization were mentioned. 

There was also an option of quick-view, which made it so convenient for me as I didn’t have to redirect to some different page, which eventually leads to loss of interest.

The website’s overall quality is fantastic, and filters make it much more comfortable searching for jobs/internships with ease. 

To my surprise, I didn’t witness any fraudsters providing internships on internshala—overall, an excellent, user-friendly site.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is KillerLaunch?

KillerLaunch is a website where you can find several jobs and internships by just sitting at your homes. You can find best suitable jobs and internships according to your preferences.

Is KillerLaunch free?

Yes, it is 100% free! You can get access to thousands of jobs and internships free of cost.

KillerLaunch vs Internshala

KillerLaunch has made it very convenient for the applicants to get a detailed description of the job. Also, the quick apply option makes it very convenient to apply. Some crucial points like the company’s location and detailed responsibilities are missing from Internshala, confusing the applicants. Also, KillerLaunch’s website is easy to navigate and has a better user interface. A specially designed search bar so that you can search the jobs/internships by keywords, locations, etc. Finding jobs was never so easy!

How to find jobs on KillerLaunch?

Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned above and find your perfect job!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit KillerLaunch.com now and find a job specially curated for you!




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