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“Together Mode” viewing option now available on Skype

Skype now has the “Together Mode” option as announced by Microsoft. With the latest update of the video calling app, this was one of the only prominent features available. This new option might become game-changing for the company as it will offer a video calling experience that no other platform does.

About the “Together Mode” feature

"Together Mode"

Image Source: The Verge

This new feature aims to bridge the gap between virtual and physical meetings. Also, with the new feature, users will connect naturally as if they are having a meeting in the same physical space. Unlike the traditional grid format of meetings, with “Together Mode,” skype will use what they call the same physical space. This will help in reducing meeting fatigue and make them feel more real and connective.

Some other features that are also going to elevate the user experience of Skype are the Large mode grid feature. It will enable viewing everyone’s video stream at the same time and also add many new backgrounds and categories. There is also a new option to add users on a Skype call using their phone number.

Growth of  the connectivity apps in 2020

video conferencing apps

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With COVID, the growth of connectivity apps in 2020 has been phenomenal. Video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have become a necessity for communication. Be it for communication between friends or between MNCs, the use of these apps has now become a daily affair. So, it is obvious that companies are regularly updating their apps with new features and giving users what they want. Microsoft is also very active in this regard and regularly brings features to its video calling app Skype.

Microsoft’s Teams app is also another platform that brings even more connectivity features and is targeted towards professionals. In contrast, Skype is somewhat for casual meetings between friends and family. Which video calling platform have you used the most during 2020? Let us know in the comments below. If you found our content useful and detailed, do like and share it with your friends.

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