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Top 10 Indian HealthTech Startups

The Indian healthcare sector has become one of the largest sectors, both in terms of development and revenue. Below is the list of top 10 Indian Healthtech startups –


AddressHealth is a startup which currently operates 3 clinics in the city of Bangalore and provides a one-stop shop for primary pediatric healthcare services. It was founded with an aim to ensure that every child should attain positive health.

•     Founded Year: 2010

•    Founded By: Anand Lakshman, Anoop Radhakrishnan

•    Funding: Received $1.5 Million in Series A from Grey Matters Capital and an undisclosed amount from Unitus.

•    Based out of: Bangalore

Loop Health

Loop Health is the first group health insurance provider with an in-house medical team that helps you care for your employees. They have brought together primary care physicians, specialty networks, and health insurers under one roof.

They are working on creating a health assurance system where both insurers and physicians are involved in customers’ well-being and health in the long term. Besides this, they are adding a layer of preventive care by emphasizing health rather than sickness.  

  • Founded year: 2018
  • Founded by: Mayank Kale and Ryan Singh
  • Funding: Loop Health has raised $12 million in a Series A round from Silicon Valley’s Vinod Khosla-led Khosla Ventures, YC Continuity Fund, and Tribe Capital.
  • Based out of: Pune, Maharashtra


Blood Sure is a platform that allows patients and their families to connect to the right blood donor. The startup is founded with a mission to eradicate blood shortage in India and help people in the event of an emergency/accident. As of now, it has been able to reach around 20,000 patients.

•    Founded Year: 2012

•    Founded By: Raghav Baldwa

•    Based Out of: Indore

•    Funding: Has received $5k in the year 2013 in seed funding.

Consure Medical

Consure Medical is a medical device startup which is more focused on developing medical devices for long-term patients and for the management of critical care patients. The startup has emerged from a Stanford-India Biodesign (SIB) program.

•    Founded Year: 2012

•    Founded By: Amit Sharma and Nishith Chasmawala

•    Based Out of: Delhi

•    Funding: Has received $82.5k from the Accel partners, India Innovation Fund, and TR capital.


Doctalk is mainly a mobile application that allows its users to safely save all their medical reports and files on the cloud, so that they never have to carry their files again. The startup is aiming to work on an Artificial Intelligence-based, virtual assistant application to simplify the healthcare ecosystem of India.

•    Founded Year: 2016

•    Founded By: Akshat Goenka, Vamsee Chamakura

•    Based Out of: Mumbai

•    Funding: Has received $5 Million from Khosla Ventures, Altair capital, YC partner and Matrix partners.


NeuroSynaptic is an early age health tech startup which offers the mhealth and ehealth technology solutions. These solutions help bring together products, processes, and partners in the Indian healthcare delivery ecosystem.

The startup is founded with the aim to provide affordable health care services in the rural and semi-urban areas with the help of its ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics), a cloud-based telemedicine platform.

•    Founded year: 2002

•    Founded By: Sameer Sawarkar, Rajeev Kumar

•    Based Out of: Bangalore

•    Funding: Has received an undisclosed amount from Indian Angel Network, Axilor Ventures, e-Zest Solutions, and Healthquad.

Forus Health

Forus health is an innovative health tech startup. Its product, 3nethra is an integrated, intelligent, portable, and affordable eye screening device which takes just 5 minutes to screen a patient for all the common eye problems.

•    Founded Year: 2010

•    Founded By: K. Chandrasekhar, Dr. Shyam Vasudev Rao

•    Based Out of: Bangalore

•    Funding: Has received $13.4 Million from Accel Partners, Asian Healthcare Funds, and IDG Ventures.

Invictus Oncology

This is a startup devoted to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing the first anti-cancer drug from India. It aims to win the fight against cancer by developing and delivering efficacious cancer drugs.

•    Founded Year: 2011

•    Founded By: Shiladitya Sengupta, Raghunath Mashelkar

•    Based Out of: Delhi

•    Funding: Has received $1.88 Million from Navam capital, Rata Tata and Aarian capital.


KiviHealth is a health tech startup which has a mission to provide affordable and patient-centric, digital health information management system, which can be used across hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and labs.

•    Founded Year: 2015

•    Founded By: Bhanu Mahajan, Rajandeep Singh

•    Based Out of: Delhi

•    Funding: Has received $183k in Angel funding


Lybrate is a startup which is trying to bring about a change in the Indian healthcare system by enabling people to find great doctors near their location. Patients can search according to their location and specialty and can also book an appointment with the verified doctors.

•    Founded Year: 2013

•    Founded By: Saurabh Arora

•    Based Out of: Delhi

•    Funding: Has received $14.3 Million from the Million Venture Capital.



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