Top 20 things one can purchase with Bitcoin right now!

Bitcoin is all in rage right now, and almost everyday new investors are buying in. But what is the point of a currency that cannot be used to buy things? Though this is not the case with it, as there are many things that one can purchase with Bitcoin. Stores, malls, websites, bars, clubs, and even freelancers nowadays are accepting payments in the form of Bitcoins. And I am quite optimistic that the currency will be accepted in even more places as we move ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the things one can buy using the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Top 20 things to purchase with Bitcoin

1) Burgers

purchase with Bitcoin
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Yes! if you don’t have cash but your phone with some bitcoins in it then you don’t have to skip your burger for lunch. This is because Burger King has started accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment back in 2016. And the great part is it also offered a free burger for one purchased with Bitcoin.

2) Maverick Tickets

One can purchase maverick tickets with Bitcoin
Image Source: Gameline

If you are an NBA fan and want to get your hands on some tickets, Bitcoins can be used for that. Starting from the 2018-19 season the Dallas Mavericks has allowed payments in the form of Bitcoin, Etherium, and some other digital currencies.

3) Funerals

Image Source: Wired

Nowadays, even funerals can be paid for in the form of bitcoins. There are stores that accept this form of digital currency as a form of payment, and one can use it to buy caskets and even do cremation work. Additionally, some stores also offer a 3% discount on the usage of Bitcoins.

4) Guns

Image Source: NPR

Quite unorthodox and probably not for everyone, but if you are someone planning to buy a gun, Bitcoins can be used to pay for it. The Central Texas Gun Works has been accepting payments in the form of Bitcoin for the past six years.

5) Mattresses

purchase with Bitcoins
Image Source: GhostBed

Well, if you have Bitcoins, you are probably sleeping very well right now. But if you want to sleep even better, the same Bitcoins can be used to buy mattresses from GhostBed. The store is online-based and has a quality mattress in different price ranges.

6) Rolex Watches

purchase with Bitcoin
Image Source: Luxurylaunches

If you are a watch enthusiast, you will be happy to know that Rolex Watches can be purchased using Bitcoins. Though not all online and offline stores accept this form of payment. But, the online retailer has an option for payment using the currency if someone is willing to.

7) Lap dances

LAPDANCE Trademark of Xgen, LLC Serial Number: 85491523 :: Trademarkia Trademarks

Sounds Exciting? It is. Now one can even enjoy themselves and purchase lap dances using Bitcoins. The Legends Room club in Las Vegas has this payment option. And the good thing is, one can purchase everything from food to fun with the cryptocurrency.

8) Headlights

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Even if one can not probably buy a car with Bitcoins as of now they can purchase its headlights. Back in 2017, when the cryptocurrency boomed and reached around $20000,, an online headlight store, started accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment.

9) Electronics in Japan

Bic Camera
Image Source: Coindesk

If there are electronics that you want to purchase with Bitcoin, and you happen to be in Japan, then you are in luck. One of the biggest electronic retailers in Japan, Bic Camera, has started accepting Bitcoins for payments. This is great because one can practically buy anything in Japan with Bitcoins as long as it is available in the store.

10) Food in Portland

Image Source: The Maine Mag

If you are in Portland and happen to be out of cash, then head over to the Great Lost Bear. The place serves different varieties of food and allows customers to pay for everything using Bitcoins. A quick recommendation, we have heard that sandwiches are great at the place.

11) Beer

Beer purchase with bitcoin
Image Source: Big Hospitality

I love my beer and bitcoins. And if you are like me then you can use the latter to get the former. The Old Fitzroy Bar in Sydney has allowed the use of Bitcoins as a form of payment back in 2013. Out of all of the things that one can purchase with Bitcoin it is probably my favorite.

12) Gifts and food in Vegas

Image Source: TripAdvisor

If you happen to be in Vegas and are not looking to purchase a Lapdance with Bitcoins, then you can also purchase gifts and food with digital currency. Back in 2014, the golden gate Hotel has started accepting Bitcoins in their restaurants and gift stores.

13) Real Estate

Real estate purchase with Bitcoins
Image Source: Bitcoinist

What could be better than investing one form of investment into another? Yes, there are a lot of properties that can be purchased using Bitcoins. One can browse these properties in Bitcoin Real Estate. Every day many new properties pop-up on the site and get bought.

14) Tesla Model 3

Model 3 | Tesla
Image Source: Tesla

Yes, one of the things that have been as famous as Bitcoins in 2020 was Tesla. And if you want to purchase a Tesla Model 3 with Bitcoins, you can! There have been reports of individuals ordering their new Tesla Model 3 using BTCs.

15) Vaccum Cleaners

purchase with Bitcoins

Out of all the things that one can purchase with Bitcoin, this seems to be the most boring. But yes, when you become an adult, Vaccum cleaners are something you need. And yes, you can buy the same with the Bitcoins you have on you. The purchases can be made from

16) Gold

Image Source: FXStreet

Yes, you can also purchase gold using Bitcoins. Not all stores have the option to do so. But JM Bullion has allowed users to buy Gold and other precious metals and jewels using the cryptocurrency.

17) Plane tickets

plane tickets
Image Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Now one can also book Airplane tickets using cryptocurrencies. Sites like and Expedia provides the option for users to pay with Bitcoins. Not only sites but also airlines have also started accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. AirBaltic is one of them and was actually the first airline to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

18) Taxi Rides

Taxi rides on city
Image Source: Freepik

Though Uber and Ola some of the most famous taxi services that don’t accept Bitcoins, there are taxis that do. In Argentina and Hungary, there are Bitcoin-friendly taxis where passengers can pay using the digital currency. This is great seeing small businesses also adopt the currency as a viable payment option.

19) Soap

​Hemp oil soap

Yes, guys Bitcoins can also be used to buy even the smallest things like soaps. And not any soap but the original BitSoaps made of hemp oil, which are also shaped as Bitcoins.

20) Donations

 Bitcoin donations
Image Source: Blockonomics Blog

Your Good deeds will live on after you. And with that note, we would also like to say that there are charities that accept donations in the form of Bitcoins. Some of these charities are Heifer International, and Autism Speaks that receive payment in the form of Bitcoins.

Yes, there are many things one can purchase with Bitcoin, and as the list expands, we will add even more items here. Have you ever bought anything with Bitcoins? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and useful, do like and share it with your friends.

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