Top 5 Apps to Make Money from Photos Online

In the digital age, the number of ways to make money has increased significantly. Now it is enough to have a smartphone connected to the Internet with you in order to earn money in certain areas. If you love taking photos with your smartphone, this hobby can always be turned into a source of additional income. Today we will discuss how to get money for selling pictures on the Internet. Below we have compiled a list of applications that you may find useful for you. 

It is important! Before you sell pictures online, you should take care of their protection from theft. Most stocks use their photo protection tools. But if this feature is missing, you must think about it yourself. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your pictures and other content online is to use a watermark. Such a barely noticeable mark on the photo will tell everyone about your copyright. Watermarking your photos is also a great marketing tool to help customers find you online. You can use a dedicated watermarking app to watermark pictures directly from your phone.


After registering with the service, you become a member of the photo stock, where you create and post a high-quality photo and video content. You will receive money for your work every time clients are interested and complete the download of materials.

To increase the amount of income, you can invite friends to the platform. As part of the current affiliate program, you will receive a share of their income.

To join Shutterstock, you need to create an account on the official stock website. All further actions you can carry out through the official mobile application.

Stock is quite popular among photographers. Thousands of authors work here. You must work hard in such a famous market to stand out from the crowd.


Depositphotos is another well-known photo stock that hosts photos, videos, vectors, and more. This reliable company offers you the opportunity to earn money from your photos. To get started, you must create an account and take a test. As part of the latter, you upload some of your pictures to the site, which experts will evaluate. 

Once the test is passed, you can upload your photos for sale. The site provides a multi-level system for authors – your level gradually increases with each new image sold. The higher the level, the higher your final income will be.


Unlike the previous options, Etsy is not a photo stock in the classical sense. This is a kind of online marketplace where people from all over the world sell their handmade goods and various digital content.

To start selling your shots, you must create and register your online store on the platform. The process is more complicated than the previous two options, but your income will also be higher. 


Stockimo is a smartphone app created by Alamy (a famous stock photo company). Unlike the previous options, everything here is explicitly aimed at making money from mobile photography. You will only be able to upload photos from your smartphone’s memory to the application. If you want to add pictures from a digital camera, you will have to create a separate account on the Alamy website.

Both services do not sell the pictures themselves but digital licenses. As a result, you retain all copyright to your photo. This makes it possible to consistently receive passive income from each picture added to the application. According to the project’s creators, you can get about $ 90 on average for one high-quality image.


Another photo stock that works not only with photos but also with other digital content. As with the services listed above, here you get the opportunity to work when convenient. Just add you’re exciting photos to the site and wait for buyers to be interested in them.

Envato Elements

Photos are sold through the Twenty20 photo stock. There are two formats of work here – you can be an “author” and sell your pictures directly to clients. The second option – you post photos on the marketplace and wait until they are interested.

All of these services allow you to start selling photos for free. All you need to do is create an account and post exciting works people want to buy.