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Top 5 Apps to Supercharge Your Writing In 2022

The year 2022 is nearly present and along with that, numerous trends are expected to be changed and updated. With every new chapter whose length is roughly12 months, we are exploring different things that can make our businesses more interesting. Writing is an occupation that has been popular among many communities this year, and a couple of them before. With the advanced Internet features and opportunities at disposal today, this industry has become truly represented not only in different essay services, but also in mobile applications. And if we have this in mind, it isn’t so hard to conclude that the use of multiple writing applications goes in the same direction. People are using them in order to make their writing more efficient, elegant, and with bigger quality. Every year, some applications stand out from others. The next one won’t differ in any way. So, let’s check out what are the top 5 writing apps that will surely supercharge your writing in the following 12 months.

Google Docs / Microsoft Word Pages

It may sound a little bit out of date, but the usage of Google Docs or Microsoft Word word-processing applications still represents the peak of the writing world. Those two always come together. Simply, when someone mentions one of these applications, another one immediately crosses his mind. Hence, it is not necessary to emphasize how important, and in some way traditional, they are. You can use these applications on almost every device you can imagine. From PCs, mobile phones, iOS, iPads, to iPadOS, etc. Their compatibility makes them so famous. But not only that. The only difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Word is that the first comes as an online app while the other one usually comes in a package with your operating system. Both of them are free to use which gives them even more popularity. People don’t like having additional expenses and if anything can be free of charge, they will take it to their advantage. Google Docs is an application that can be considered historical in the writing world. It is a free web-based application that enables users to create and edit documents and spreadsheets. It works across multiple platforms, including a full-featured web browser. Google Docs also supports different file formats and fonts. It is compatible with most desktop software and can be published as either a web page or a print-ready document. This writing application represents a collaboration platform that enables multiple authors to work together in real-time from various locations. All participants can see the changes that were made to the documents, which is truly a positive thing. Microsoft Word is a widely used word processor. It is part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite and it is considered one of the most common writing applications. 


Another application that will inevitably launch your writing to the skies is called Reedsy. If you ever imagined visiting legitwritingservices.com online, you will perhaps change your mind. Because Reedsy can help you with your essays too. It is a startup that connects publishing freelancers and authors. It primarily serves as a clearinghouse for top talent. The firm has expanded to include a variety of tools and services for aspiring authors. While it’s based in London, the company’s staff is physically distributed across different locations. Its 1,500 freelancers work from various locations, and the firm doesn’t have a fixed office. To run a successful business, one must have clear internal discipline and transparency.


It is well-known that writing frequently implies the use of some editing applications and platforms that can help you shape your text and make it error-free. There are dozens of grammar checkers online and Hemmingway has been one of the highest-rated. The application often emphasizes the complexity of the sentences as well as corrections of common mistakes. It can also help you break down a sentence into shorter or split sections. The phrases can be used with force, or they can be marked with a green dot. The Hemingway writing application helps you identify common errors that can affect the quality of your writing. You can download the free version right from the website. Or, if you prefer, you can buy a standalone version that comes with a few more features. This application characterizes different colors that will be displayed according to suggestions. For instance, adverb changes are marked with blue while passive words and phrases are shown in green. 


If you are planning to run a blog, or perhaps become a world-known novelist, Scrivener would suit you perfectly. It is a very popular writing application and there is no doubt it will continue with this trend in the coming years. Scrivener is powerful writing software that can work with long-form writers. It features a variety of characteristics that will help you with organizing your writing resources. Scrivener is a writing tool that works seamlessly across different types of documents. It features a built-in navigation bar that lets you organize and section your documents. One of the reasons why it is so good is that it’s an old-school licensing model. You pay for it, and it stays that way forever. It is available on Mac, iOS, and Windows, and you will have to pay $45 for its use.


In a writing world, distractions from the environment can be frequently seen. However, with FocusWriter at your disposal, you can forget about it. FocusWriter is a simple writing tool that uses a hide-away interface. It allows you to keep the program at a familiar look and feel while still getting used to the screen. If you’re prone to distraction, then FocusWriter is the right application for you. It features a no-nonsense editor that eliminates the need for formatting and has a built-in timer so that you can keep writing.


Writing applications will undoubtedly be of great use in the future. Writers need them so they can make sure that texts they are providing others with won’t have any possible mistakes. It is only a matter of choice and which application will you prefer.



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