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Top 5 richest Indian businessman: IIFL list 2020

IIFL list includes the names of self-made founders and professional managers, inheritors, investors, cashed-out entrepreneurs, CEOs, NRIs, and so on. Individuals mentioned in the IIFL list have an average wealth of Rs 7,300 crores and age 63. Here, we will be exploring the names and wealth of the top 5 richest businessmen in India.

Top 5 richest Indian businessman in 2020

1) Mukesh AmbaniIIFL list

With a total wealth of INR 6,58,400 crores, Mukesh Ambani also made his way into the wealthiest individuals in the world. During the pandemic, his total weal surged by around 28%, but the investments by Facebook and Google brought him back on track. After the market corrected, Reliance crossed the Rs 10 lakh crore market cap and Ambani’s wealth went up by 73%.

2) Hinduja Brothers

IIFL list

The 2nd richest businessman Hinduja Brothers have a total wealth of Rs 1,43,700 crores but are far behind Mukesh Ambani. After the lockdown, their wealth dropped by around 23% due to the poor performance of IndusInd Bank, Gulf Oil, and GOCL Corporation Limited. Once we see their shares slowly recover we can expect an increase in their evaluation.

3) Shiv NadarIIFL list

Shiv Nadar was no 5 in the IIFL list 2019. But with a 37% increase in HCL shares they are now a close no 3 to Hinduja Brothers. Their total wealth is evaluated at Rs 1,41,700 crores. Seeing the current Scenario we might see them acquire the 2nd position in the list soon.

4) Gautam Adani & familyGautam Adani, founder, Adani Group | Financial Times

I can see a close competition in the ranking of no 2,3,4 on the list. Gautam Adani & family have a total wealth of Rs 1,40,200 crores and are a close 4th in the lost. They too jumped two positions from 2019 where they stood at as the 6th richest businessman in India. Their total wealth increase by around 48% from last year backed by Adanu Green.

5) Azim PremjiPremji, Azim - Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Sitting comfortably at the fifth position is Azim Premzi with an estimated wealth of Rs 1,14,400 crores. He was in the 3rd position in 2019 but have fallen behind due to tough competition. He is now into finding the cure for COVID-19 after his foundation joined two scientific institutes in May 2020 to conduct research on the same.

Honorable Mentions

Cyrus S Poonawalla                                                     Radhakishan Damani

With an estimated wealth of Rs 94,300, CrCyrus S Poonawalla stands a close 6th position in the list. From last year the businessman has already climbed up from no 8 to no 6. Now, the last name on our list is Radhakishan Damani, founder of Avenue Supermarts. He has an estimated wealth of Rs 87,200 crores and has jumped up by 6 places since 2019.

If you wish to be on the IIFL list someday, then work hard for it. Who knows maybe in the next 5 or 10 years we will be writing about you! Till then good luck. If you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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