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Top Fashion Sustainable and Tech Startups for 2021

New startups head out to the wide world every day. They can be for everything – writing apps, digital services, tech ones, fashion, etc. It’s not easy to launch one and many pioneers find it hard to succeed in the nowadays open world. But some tech fashion startups have been quite compelling and managed to reach top level in 2021. Let’s check out some of them.


Intelistyle is one of our top picks. That London startup comes in the form of an AI-powered stylist platform. Although it may not lead to education change, it can certainly help you change something else. That is, your look. It was launched in 2017 and allows you to browse outfits on the web. Then you can try and pair them with your images. The AI also recommends what is the best outfit for a particular need. It matches your physical wardrobe with online garments. Yet, note that those are only from certain retailers.


Genostyle is an US fashion startup that tried to implement machine learning in order to improve the shopping process. Here you’d not be browsing for a paper writer but for a garment “storyteller”. We use that word to indicate that the app bases all types of garments on 15 “style genomes”, as they call them. You’d go on the app and get yourself a style code. It then tells you how much you lean towards those different styles. In the meantime, the fashion retailers can use that data to target you and offer you personalized offers for your particular style. It can also show the client means and ways to optimize the stock according to each style and how they sell in the particular retailer.


Another UK startup with roots that stem from 2012. Its purpose has been to help men in achieving a better wardrobe and outfit style. It uses AI and insights provoked by big data technology. It mixes that with personal online stylists. To start on the journey with Thread, you’d need to give some data about what you like and what you are willing to spend. You can also put clothes’ size and favorite brands. Then the personal stylist will recommend clothes for you to achieve a more well-tailored look.


Yet another UK startup that is aimed at providing a social marketplace for craftsmen. It’s basically a world for craft makers. It has been working on further communities and a new marketplace. It also has the goal to expand overseas which is probably going to allow us to see more of it.

Pocket High Street

The UK doesn’t stop here. It comes to take this place as well with Pocket High Street. This startup launched with the idea to provide a helping hand to small fashion retailers in their competition against giant platforms for e-sales. It promotes their online platform that can be used by all shoppers. The thing is, they allow those shoppers to see something more from small retailers. They are planning to expand and integrate small retailers from the whole globe. Certainly, a notion worth following more about.

Same But Different (Thursday finest)

Let’s browse an American startup now. One that’s most definitely worth it’s place in our list. It’s been launched with the notion to allow people to follow the trend of personalized fashion. More specifically, they give customers the opportunity to customize the fashion accessories they want. They even have a land store in SoHo where they use 3D printers for crafting out different accessories. They make individual designs for their customers and follow the “on-demand manufacturing” business style that is certainly a next step in the fashion world.

The Fabricant

Then comes a startup from the Netherlands. It’s actually a digital fashion house. They are leaning heavily towards a novel fashion world – the digital one. They work with digital-only clothing. Aka. They only use digital data and imagination. They make 3D realistic imagery-type fashion designs plus various vivid animations. This is with the notion that those can be later used in the editorial step of the whole manufacturing ordeal to ensure better process of design and manufacturing.


Coming next is this Singapore startup going by the name Reflaunt. They come to bring together the resale market with the huge fashion names. They allow luxury brands to experience a new market via the intuitive platform. This increases the revenue of those brands through increasing engagement with their articles. Also, the process allows for a lower environmental impact.


That particular London-ese startup uses 3D tech coupled with augmented reality. They have an application that allows customers to see how the products of particular cosmetic brands will look on them without having to try them on themselves.


Yet one more London-based startup with a unique style. This is also leaning towards the personalized fashion world. It compiles a database of millions of products from tens of thousands of retailers. There you’d be able to search through lots and lots of online fashion stores for a better customer experience and more well-rounded choice opportunities.


Lastly on our list is an UK startup that finds its roots coming from a former social network but currently is a marketplace used by millions. There customers can sell and buy plenty of unique fashion items and browse trends. They can explore fashion and change how retail looks like. It closes the gap between creative people and influencers, customers and sellers. It’s a peer-to-peer platform for sales and purchases for unique styles and trendy fashion items.


The world of fashion is absolutely changing. For the better, indeed. It’s ever-growing and now it’s headed into the digital world. We can clearly see how much it’s developed by just browsing through those sustainable and tech startups. They are utilizing artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D technology, and much more. They are putting together people from all over the globe, encouraging peer-to-peer sales, giving new marketplaces, and clearing the path for personalized fashion. All of that comes to ensure that our experience of fashion and “store-hopping” will change for good. This is certainly something that we’d see more of with every day that passes by. Most definitely, we are thrilled to be part of this wide and open digital world that allows us to reach customers, retailers, brands, and designers from all over the globe. We are sure that in the future more and novel technologies will further shape the way we see and experience fashion. But for the present time those startups above are some of the best in existence.



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