Toyota delves into EV technology with new V2G pilot program

Toyota announces partnership with Oncor Electric Delivery to explore V2G tech

Toyota announces a partnership with Oncor Electric Delivery to work on the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) EV technology. Both drivers and the good will be able to benefit from this. Over years, Toyota was lobbying against electric vehicles. However, in the past few months its been developing its EV plans and other benefits as well.

Toyota delves into EV technology with new V2G pilot program
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Post the success of EV leaders like Tesla and BYD with record deliveries. Toyota is also pushing for EV strategies. In October, a Reuters report suggested Toyota was taking note of Tesla’s dominance and was considering building a new dedicated EV platform. Toyota’s electric vehicle strategy thus far has revolved around its bZ or “Beyond Zero,” referring to its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. The company’s first fully electric vehicle, the bZ4X, was unveiled last year but was quickly recalled due to concerning safety issues. After showcasing its fifth-generation hybrid Prius, Toyota gave us a glimpse into what its second fully electric vehicle could look like with the bZ Compact SUV Concept. Meanwhile, the Lexus RZ 450e, the brand’s first BEV, is scheduled for sale early next year. Despite this, Toyota has struggled to commit to fully electric EVs. New reports suggest this may change soon, with Toyota expected to outline a new EV strategy to its suppliers next year.

V2G program

Toyota is announcing a new vehicle-to-grid program, its first utility agreement for EV charging technology. Perhaps, the world’s largest automaker is ready to embrace pure EVs. Toyota Motor North America unveiled a new V2G testing program in partnership with Oncor, the largest transmission and distribution utility company in Texas. The program will focus on the benefits of V2G technology for both customers and the energy grid. The ability of electric vehicles to send power to and from the car’s battery to the grid has made them powerful backup energy options.

The group vice president of Toyota EV Charging Solutions, Christopher Yang said, “We envision a future where Toyota BEVs provide a best-in-class mobility experience, but also can be utilized by our customers to power their homes, their communities or even power back the electric grid in times of need.” Toyota and Oncor will complete an initial research project at Oncor’s testing microgrid at its System Operating Services Facility (SOSF). Oncor’s SOSF microgrid consists of four interlinked microgrids that can work as one or independently. In addition, it includes solar panels, battery storage, and V2G charging technology for testing.