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Trending Tech CBD Sites and Apps in 2020

CBD has been growing exponentially in popularity in recent years thanks to the legalization of hemp and increased social acceptance of cannabis use. Modern consumers’ enthusiasm has also pushed another industry trend forward: a partnership between CBD manufacturers and tech startups. There are now many apps and sites to help consumers navigate the world of CBD buying and use. Read on to find out about some of the best of them.

CBD Hemp Oil Calculator

The CBD Hemp Oil Calculator was designed to help consumers figure out what doses they should be taking. Users can calculate dosages in drops for droppers or mL for syringes, which makes it easy for consumers to apply what they learn to just about any product. Those who are new to CBD or looking for a more reliable, reputable supplier can find hemp-based products over at Veritas Farms and use the CBD Hemp Oil Calculator on Android or iOS to figure out how much to take.

CBD Token Marketplace

Despite its somewhat misleading name, the CBD Token Marketplace app doesn’t actually sell CBD products, at least not yet. Instead, those who use the app can contribute tokens, which work similarly to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, to generate more awareness of the app and the benefits of CBD, more generally. Contributors can keep up with the app’s development and stay connected and can download it for free on Google Play.

CBD Health Card

This app is designed to connect medical patients, healthcare providers, and dispensaries. It features an in-app ID card that can be used at doctor’s visits and dispensaries to ensure that patients have access to organic, pharmaceutical-grade products. The free app can be downloaded on either Google Play or the App Store.

CBD Greens

Want to learn more about laws, regulations, products, and how to use CBD? CBD Greens is a good choice. This free app gives users access to relevant content from reliable news sources, member-posted content, and games designed to make CBD education more fun. The basic premise is that learning more about CBD will allow consumers to find the products that will best fit their unique needs. Download the smartphone app on Android or iOS to get started.


The Releaf app is designed for medical cannabis patients. It allows them to track symptom levels, doses, and more to figure out what treatments are working best. The reports generated by the app can be shared with doctors and dispensaries, as well, making it easier for patients to discuss and modify their treatment plans.


GrowBuddy was designed for those who live in states where cannabis-derived CBD can be produced at home. It lets home growers record important data and provides a ton of information about CBD, cannabis, and how to grow cannabis plants with high CBD content.

CBD Health and Wellness

CBD Health and Wellness helps users find accurate information about the current state of CBD markets and research. It doesn’t just focus on CBD, though. It also offers information on current research and market trends for other cannabinoids. The basic version is free on iOS and Android, or users can pay an affordable yearly subscription to get access to more features.

The Bottom Line

Modern Americans use their smartphones and computers a lot. There’s no reason those who also use CBD shouldn’t embrace the recent tech trends taking the industry by storm. The apps described above are just a few of many designed for CBD users, many of which are free, so don’t be afraid to experiment.



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