5 Tips On Hiring An Underwater Welder

If you are a utility, industrial or engineering firm looking to invest in underwater services, you probably have “Hire an underwater welder” on your list. It’s not an ordinary job given the complexity and uniqueness in the duties and tasks conducted by underwater welders. While you may be putting all your investment and efforts in the hands of one contractor, there is a need to hire only the best in the industry. How do you ensure that you are hiring an excellent underwater commercial diving contractor for your project to minimize risk exposure and get maximum value for your money? We will guide you through his decision-making journey shortly.


Ask for recommendations

With no particular place to begin your search for the perfect commercial diver, you might want to get in touch with your colleagues, friends, coworkers, and other professionals who might have come across what you are looking for. Word of mouth is a powerful tool through referring welders who have done a great job in the past. Today, with all the internet tools available, you could task your favorite search engine with finding reputable underwater welders near you.


Make a list of these prospective commercial divers and prepare to narrow them down. If possible, ensure that every recommendation is accompanied by specific contact information.


Particular training and certification

Underwater welding is a professional career that demands certain levels of education, specialized training, and certification. Unknown to some individuals, the responsibilities and duties of an underwater welder aren’t simply learning how to breathe underwater. The professional must have adequate exposure and training on how to handle tools, manage underwater surveys, safety precautions during the project, and awareness about the risks in the work environment. It’s also important to understand that the industry has various subsets that specialize in different work environments. Know your preference to ensure you’ve selected the right person for the job.


Experience and age are paramount

For most employers, age, and experience when hiring an underwater welder are paramount. Why does age come into the picture? Underwater welding is a purely manual job that requires energy and tenacity to withstand the conditions. Most people prefer young people who lie anywhere between 18 to 35 years old. People between this range are fit physically and physiologically to withstand underwater welding projects.


Nonetheless, you need not focus on age so much and leave behind the experience. These two factors go hand in hand. Professionals with high levels of expertise offer some peace of mind, are more stable, and they reduce risks of injuries and damages. Ensure that your potential underwater welder is experienced but also fit to see you through your project.

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Insurance and licensing

You have probably narrowed down your list to about two or three potential underwater divers by now. Insurance and licensing papers are important both for you and your prospective commercial diver. An insured underwater welder protects you from being liable in case of an accident or property damage during the project. On the other hand, licensing papers are important in certifying whether you are dealing with a professional permitted to offer underwater welding services by the authorities. Both documents should be valid. Let these two documents gauge your prospective underwater welder’s level of professionalism.


Set an appointment

After validating all these above discussed aspects, give the underwater welder a call and request for an appointment. Pay attention to how they respond to your calls, and how they listen to your concerns. A professional commercial diver will hold a professional and interactive conversation. On the appointment day, avail yourself with a number of questions that you should ask one on one. This is your chance to inquire about all your concerns and pain points. Ask about their insurance papers, licensing, diving experience, welding experience, and what kind of tasks they have handled before.


Consider asking for clientele references. A confident commercial diver will have no problem handing you a few clientele references who have had one on one experience with him or her. Be sure to browse through the professional’s business website and social media pages to see if they have negative reviews. Remember, too many negative reviews are a clear flag that you should steer clear.


There you have it! Take your time. Your choice of underwater welder plays a major role in the outcome of your project. We hope that these above-discussed tips will help you find the right person for the job.

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