Trump is banned from using

Trump is banned from using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Post US Capitol Mob attack by Trump supporters, he is banned from using social media.

Trump is banned from using

Trump is banned from using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as of now following the mob attack at the US Capitol. Trump took to Twitter to false claim about frauds that took place in the elections that he lost to Joe Biden.

Facebook and Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s official accounts on Wednesday over posts blamed for aggravating violence in the US Capitol, as a large portion of the social media reacts to pandemonium by his supporters becoming tied up with and buying his unmerited attacks on the uprightness and integrity of the election.

Guy Rosen, Vice-president of Facebook, said on the matter that this is a state of emergency and the platform is taking all measures necessary. The platform believed that Donald Trump’s video, which Facebook removed soon after it was posted, would only set the mob ablaze and rile them up and intensify the already negatively gravitating situation. Trump is banned from using Facebook for 24 hours because his messages were promoting violence.

Trump’s misrepresentations, going from explicit charges to wide conspiracy theories and notions, additionally provoked Facebook to change a label that is added to posts that are aimed at undermining the elections or associated with it.

An activist group that calls itself the mock Facebook oversight board said that this isn’t the first time that Trump has breached Facebook’s terms and conditions. They believe his account is a threat to human life and not just democracy. Facebook also said that it will search and remove any kind of post that appreciates the mob attack on the US Capitol.

Trump alleged baselessly during his speech outside the white house that the elections had been stolen from him. He also motivated the supporters to march on the seat of the government. During the storming in of the mob in the Capitol, one woman was shot and killed by the police which in turn interrupted congressional debate over Joe Biden’s victory in the elections 2020.

He later released a video on social media where he repeatedly chanted and vocalized false claims and told that mob that he loves them. YouTube later removed the video because of its policy that bars and claims challenging rightful election results.

According to Twitter, the messages and tweets by trump were a violation of their civic integrity rules. The platform warned that any such action in the same line will lead to a permanent suspension for Donald Trump. The account is locked for 12 hours as of now.