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TSMC, Intel, AMD halt shipments to Russia as part of US sanctions

Semiconductor producers TSMC, Intel, and AMD have all suspended shipments and marketing activities to Russia in the due to the sanctions by the United States over the invasion of the Ukraine.


Services which includes Apple Pay have already ceased operating for clients of particular Russian banks. Now the American sanctions are being carried out via way of means of processor manufacturers, most importantly TSMC.

According to the Washington Post, TSMC has suspended sales each to Russia directly, and to third-parties recognised to deliver merchandise and products of the agency. Reportedly, an unnamed source acquainted with the agency, stated that TSMC has ceased sales at the same time as it examines sanction terms and conditions to make sure that they are fully compliant to them.

[TSMC] is fully committed to complying with the new export control policies announced,” TSMC informed the Washington Post in a statement.

They have been supplying Apple with its Apple Silicon processors and iPhone chips, TSMC is the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer. It’s prevention of sales is precisely widespread as it is the manufacturer of Elbrus-branded chips that are designed in Russia, and utilized by the country’s navy and protection services.

Alongside TSMC, Intel, AMD and others also are halting sales. The Semiconductor Industry Association instructed the Washington Post that every one of its contributors were “fully committed to complying” with the policies “in response to the deeply disturbing events unfolding in Ukraine.”

“While the impact of the new rules to Russia could be significant,” notes the group’s president John Neuffer, “Russia is not a significant direct consumer of semiconductors, accounting for less than 0.1% of global chip purchases.”

US sales of processors and other nations to Russia for navy use have been already regulated, requiring authorities licences. The new policies observe to chips used for both navy or business use.



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