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Twitch is being fined by Russia for circulation of a 31-second fake video
Game streaming service, Twitch being fined by Russain for circulation of a 31-second fake video - Says report:

Twitch is being fined by Russia for circulation of a 31-second fake video

Twitch is being fined by Russia for circulation of a 31-second fake video
Image Credits: NerrdGeist

The legal court in Russia has reportedly fined this gaming streaming service Twitch for a massive amount of 2 million Ruble which makes it around $33,000 in cash.

Although, this fine was led by the Russian court in order for hosting a fake short video that has information that is moreover called “fake information which alleges about the war crimes happened within the Ukrainian town of Bucha”, this report comes out from a popular based Russain news agency. 

Twitch and many other sites in target Russia to get fined 

After the Russian court fined the gaming streaming service for a tag of 2 million roubles now Russia has also reportedly threatened all the fine sites which are quite popular and include names like Google, Twitter, and even Wikipedia too. Russia reportedly claims that these sites have been working towards the circulation of many such fake contents which is quite related to the military campaign held by Russia within the Ukraine war zone after the Russia-Ukraine war was held.

Talking more about what Twitch which is a US-based live streaming service that is quite popular among video gamers has been accused of by a Russian court in order to circulate a 31-second clip that shows a girl from the town of Bucha within the Ukrainian region. Although, there is nothing much confirmed about what the content of the clip follows.

However, about the situation of getting fined, there is no such report or comments or even responses coming out from Amazon which owns Twitch nor anyone from Twitch too.

Although the entire Ukrainian government and its allies have been already heavily alleging the Russian forces who have been committing many atrocities in Bucha which is a satellite town located with Kyiv during the war conflict happening between the countries. However, Russia has been clearly denying its charges opposed by the Ukrainian government too.

For the people who aren’t aware, previously Russian court already fined, Telegram which is a popular messenger application for a whopping tag of 11 million Ruble which translated to USD makes around $179.000 for accusing towards refusing to delete telegram channels that have been circulating content on how to sabotage military vehicles and hosting led by the Russain military and even there were details exposed about the reliable data of Russain military’s progress towards the war which they called it as special military operating in Ukraine. Although, we will be covering more such content in the near future. 



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