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Twitter adds COVID-19 Vaccination fact section to user’s timelines


Source: TechCrunch

Twitter has been very influential when it comes to spreading information from one corner of the world to another. The platform works faster than light when it comes to information dissipation and that is exactly what the company will leverage to spread factual information on the COVID-19 vaccination.

Recently, the company has announced through a Tweet that starting today, Twitter users will witness a prompt at the top of their respective Twitter timelines suggesting information on the COVID-19 vaccination drives. As industry health and wellness experts have found that people are scared and presumably misinformed about the COVID-19 vaccine. There may be a problem of trust on how it may give negative side effects on individual bodies. There is a clear spread of misinformation because of which vaccination drives have significantly slowed down. The government, companies, social media and everyone are trying to reflect as much factual information as possible, trying to change the mindsets of people and convince them to take the vaccination and it is honestly working.

Twitter has been playing its part by just being an active platform for users to share correct information about the vaccines. However, the micro-blogging website will now notify people on their timelines itself about all the information regarding the vaccine. As the COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more readily available, Twitter will solve all your doubts regarding the safety and efficacy of different vaccines available in the market right now.

Facebook, Apple, Google and several other companies are using their services to boost COVID-19 vaccination drives and helping the government in spreading correct and factual information about the vaccine.

According to recent reports, YouTube has also just started with COVID-19 vaccine PSAs. Facebook has been partnering with hospitals to provide COVID-19 vaccination information and notifying users of the nearest point where the vaccines are available. These initiatives will help the government once it opens vaccinations for everyone above the age of 18. The social media conglomerate has played a big role in helping the government of the United States to vaccinate as many people as possible.

Now, here’s the thing that everyone must understand before they take the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine will not prevent you from getting Coronavirus, but it will significantly reduce your chances of getting serious COVID-19 which will make it a lot less likely for someone to end up in a hospital or even lose his/her life. You will still have to wear your masks as usual and abide by all COVID-19 protocols given by the government.

Check out your Twitter timeline to know all factual information about the vaccine.



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