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Hella to supply power electronics to German carmakers

Germany-based electronics manufacturer received an order to supply EV components to German EV makers.

battery management systems: Hella to supply battery management systems to  European EV maker

Image credits- ET Auto

Europe has the highest sales in hybrid models in the first quarter of 2021, beating Tesla.  The German automakers are gearing up their manufacturing factories to have electric vehicles.

Hella’s manufacturing

Founded in 1899, the company started out as a supplier of kerosene lamps and candles. The company now has six different product manufacturing factories all over the country

Their network is one of the largest distribution networks compared with their competitors. Located in more than 100 places all over the world, Hella is a global company supplying electronics. 

Their main manufacturing relies on the automotive industry, special applications, and Aftermarket. 

Advanced technology by Hella 

In 2007, Hella’s 12-volt voltage converter was known as the world’s first one which supports the start-stop function. Furthermore, the company’s advancement in technology expands in everything from lighting systems to the energy transfer network. 

Their systems are known to have high efficiency. The company says they have relieves multiple orders from the country’s major automakers. 

“We are already a leading development and Technology partner and accompany car manufacturers comprehensively on the path to e-mobility.” 

Furthermore, the executive board member, Bjorn Twiehaus added,  

“With our product range, we support all stages of electrification and offer our customers different levels of integration.”

Also, their key component is 48-volt DC/DC converters. This power acknowledged has a battery management system to monitor the lithium-ion battery. 

Additionally, as said by Twiehaus, “Based on our successes in the 48-volt segment, we are coming to expand our expertise and are now increasingly transferring our know-how to the high-voltage sector.”

Innovation award for Hello Battery Module

In China,  last year the company’s battery system won the innovation award. Their dual voltage BMS bundles conventional have individual core elements.  Their core elements are 48V hybridization combined in a single product.

Furthermore, this battery system is cost-effective, while reducing the carbon footprint. Hella innovation technologies in battery systems are next-generation products. And, they provide innovative solutions for mild hybrids such as Powerwall 48 Volte-face.  Another such solution is the Dual Voltage Management system. 

As said by the Shanghai branch vice president, Michael Weitert, 

“Winning the industry Developing & Innovation Award is an important acknowledgment of the development work by Hella’s team. And it confirms Hella’s commitment to making driving more efficient with innovative solutions for battery and electronics.” 

Furthermore, he added, 

“The Dual voltage Battery Management System and power pack 48 Volte-face provide key enablers for CO2 savings in mild hybrid vehicles.” 

Also, it is speculated that these new Innovations can save 5-6 grams of CO2 per kilometer. 




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