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Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change
Advertisers denying the scientific consensus on the topic are no longer allowed on the site.

Twitter now bans ads that contradict science on issue of climate change
Source: India Today

Reports this week specify how Twitter Inc is set to no longer allow certain advertisers on its social media platforms. It said that it would no more enable advertisers who deny the scientific consensus on climate change. The decision essentially echoes a policy already brought in at Alphabet’s Google. Twitter Inc gave a statement on Friday, April 22, outlining their new policy. The company stated that advertisements should not diminish from crucial discussions that are based on climate crisis.

Moreover, the statement did not indicate in any way that the change would have any impact on what users post on the platform. Twitter, along with Meta’s Facebook have been under target by groups that are looking for ways to promote claims, that are rather misleading, about climate change. Notably, this announcement from the social media site came on the same day as Earth Day. Additionally, it came just hours prior to the European Union agreeing upon a deal requiring big tech firms to vet their platforms more closely on certain topics. Mainly, the topics referred to ones connected to disinformation, hate speech and other harmful contents on sites.

“Ads shouldn’t detract from important conversations about the climate crisis.”

Twitter Inc also went on to reassure that they would provide additional information in the next few months. This information would be based on how they are planning to provide “reliable, authoritative context to the climate conversations,” that the users are a part of. Crucially, this would also include the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The United Nations- backed science panel’s reports on what causes climate change, and its effects, provide the basis for international efforts to control this global phenomenon.

The social media company has already contributed to dedicating climate topic on its main site. Moreover, it has also offered what it called the “pre-bunks” during last year’s United Nations climate conference. This conference was dedicated to the controlling of misinformation surrounding the worrisome topic of climate change.

Twitter Inc stated that it hopes to collaborate with organisations that are committed to the conservation of environment, and sustainability. Moreover, this would include U.N. groups such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation. Additionally, they pledged to kickstart its efforts of sustainability by lessening emissions, using zero-carbon electricity. This would add to the transitioning to renewable electricity in all EU-leased operations, using 100% carbon-neutral energy, and increasing its investments in carbon removal plans.