Twitter blocks 45,589 accounts in India alone 
During the reporting time frame in India, Twitter suspended 48,624 accounts in total.

Between October 26 and November 25, Elon Musk’s Twitter blocked around 45,589 profiles in India for spreading non-consensual nudity and sexual exploitation of children.


The microblogging company, which is experiencing major adjustments under its current owner, has removed 3,035 accounts for influencing terrorism in the nation on its site.


During the reporting time frame in India, Twitter suspended 48,624 accounts in total.


According to Twitter’s monthly report issued in accordance with the brand-new IT Regulations, 2021, it collected 755 complaints from users based in India over the same period of time and replied to 121 of those URLs.

Twitter bans accounts for policy violations in India.

These include court decisions that are supported by complaints filed by particular users.


The majority of complaints from India (681) were only about harassment and abuse which were then backed by Intellectual property infringement (35), inappropriate behaviour (20), and privacy infringement (15).


Twitter claimed in its latest study that it has also addressed 22 complaints regarding account termination appeals.


“These were all resolved and the appropriate responses were sent. We overturned none of these account suspensions after reviewing the specifics of the situation. All accounts remain suspended,” said the company.


“We also received 1 request related to general questions about Twitter accounts during this reporting period,” said the company.


Big social networks and digital platforms with more than 5 million users are required to provide monthly compliance reports under the new IT Rules 2021.


Two days ago, according to the reports, on Twitter, Elon has been adopting “crazy cost-cutting” tactics. After the corporation decreased janitorial services, the leftover employees at the Twitter platform’s San Francisco headquarters started to bring their toilet paper to the “smelly office,” the New York Times reported (NYT). After the cleaning staff took to the streets to request a raise in salary, there were layoffs.


According to those aware of the matter, the lack of sanitation workers has “left the office in disarray,” with restrooms that have “grown dirty” and continuous stench of “leftover takeout food and body odour.”


According to a source, Musk believed that the cost-cutting in the platform was necessary to avoid future debt as the company is running on loan. Moreover, Twitter will now focus on science and facts as mentioned by the new CEO Elon Musk.