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Twitter Blue is here and so are the memes!

Ever wished for a feature that could undo tweets? Or recall the tweets? Worry not, your prayers have been answered. Because Twitter Blue is here to save you from the blues. However we live in the real world and quite naturally, there will be a catch. As exciting and useful as it sounds, you will have to pay for Twitter Blue. Gone are the free days. Blue is the new hue right now in Twitter town and as expected, memes are flowing from all directions. It is indeed a blessing that memes are unlimited and free!


Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is the subscription service of the company and it was launched in the month of June. With new and exciting features, Twitter Blue is branching out to more places. Initially, during the time of the launch, Twitter Blue was exclusive to Canada and Australia, that too on iOS. However, from Tuesday, the service will be available in New Zealand and the US on both Android and the web.

The most intriguing feature of Twitter Blue that has managed the grab the attention of a good majority of the users is the undo button. It helps the users to recall the tweets before they are sent. With the feature, you can bid goodbye to the typo embarrassments. During the time of the launch, the service boasted a couple of features like reader mode for tweet threads, bookmark folders, and so on. Another feature was also added last month which let users try out new features early.

Tuesday’s expansion brings more good news to Twitter users. For those who use Twitter for exploring and reading news, it will now be possible to access ad-free articles on websites. These sites will also get a part of the Twitter Blue subscription. Famous sites like BuzzFeed, Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter, etc are taking part in the program. The future might also see the addition of sites outside the US. Although Twitter Blue subscription saves you from ads on sites, it doesn’t mean Twitter as such will be free of advertisements.

Responses On Twitter

As usual, Twitterati has gone all out with hilarious memes and responses as soon as Twitter Blue rocketed to the trending list. Seems like not everyone is pleased about paying for Twitter Blue. And since pleasure and displeasure are expressed through the same medium on Twitter, memes have been on the rise ever since. Let us flip through a few of the memes and reactions.

Now that is some accurate depiction.

Seems like the company has finally decided to answer that question.

You shouldn’t have asked.

Well, it is what they call “business”

Perhaps it was designed to stand apart.

Very wise decision my friend.

You better not.

Blue is a pretty color huh?

That was pretty on the face.




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