How to edit Memoji

Memoji are one of the most exiting and interesting features of iPhone. Memojis are basically your animated avatars which can be used while texting. Interesting, isn’t it? Memoji are closely related to Animoji apart from the fact that they are not editable where as memojis can be edited as per will.


So, let’s get into the steps to give your memoji a fresh look maybe be new eye colour or a new hair cut or even a little dimple, it is all your choice and wish.


Step-1 To create or edit a memoji, navigate to the messages app on your iPhone.


Step-2 Choose a memoji


Step-3 move to the left side of the screen, until your memoji is seen.


Step-4 Next, look for three-dot in the bottom left corner of the screen, Tap it.


Step-5 Choose “Edit”


Step-6 Firstly, edit your skin. You can change tone or the colour, add cute freckles, put on some blush or even a little mole on your face.


Step-7 second step includes, choosing a hairstyle. You need to choose the colour from the top panel and then scroll your way down the screen to search for the hairstyle which compliments you the most.


Step-8 Moving forward, you need to customize your brows. Aren’t brows one of the most part in your looks? Surely, it is. Thus, choose what you want your memoji’s brows would look like. You can colour and customize your brows with marks and piercings.


Step-9 as you step closer towards ending styling your memoji, you will be able to edit your eyes. One of the most noticeable and charming feature of human face, eyes can be the highlight of your memoji.  You can even put on little makeup on those eyes and style your lashes.


Step-10 Where do the above feature rest? Head it is of course. Thus, next you need to choose what kind of head matches you the most. There is an option for age as well to customise your face according to the age. Funny, isn’t it? Unlike real life you can choose where and how many fine lines or wrinkles you prefer. If you want some pre-set options you can refer to shape section.


Step-11 Next is your beautiful nose. However, there isn’t many options to customize. All you can determine is shape of your nose and the piercing to wear.


Step-12 following the nose tab is “mouth” tab. Here you will have all the freedom to choose from the shade of your lips to shape of your lips. You can even customise your teeth. Surely, it is a quick and easier way than visiting dentist. You can also throw in some lip and tongue piercings with a lot many colours.


Step- 13 In the upcoming tab of Ears, you can majorly edit the size. But the options to add the  accessories is also very helpful. With the Mix and Match option you can add accessory to each ear separately.


Step-14 This step helps you add facial hair be it a beard, moustache or a sideburn.


Step-15 Next you add eyewear, if you like.


Step-16 You can even headwear such as a cap, bandana or scarves.


Step-17 if you are satisfied, tap done to finish.