This SaaS Company Hosted a Twitter Chat on Digital Transformation and it was Quite Insightful

twitter chat digital transformation

Digital Transformation has been a quite a big buzzword lately and it will not be long before every one of us gets wrapped around the fact that the entire world has already been taken by storm because of it. While most of us have our own definition of the term, it is a common assumption that it involves millions of dollars of investment and requires huge changes in the organization.

ShepHertz, a Gurgaon based SaaS company that provides an omnichannel platform for digitization for enterprises, hosted a twitter chat to answer all these questions.

Based on Enabling Digital Transformation by Leveraging Disparate Data Sources, Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder & CEO and Sushil Bhadouria, EVP BigData, ShepHertz were live on twitter for an hour to attend to the queries twitteratis had. No sooner did the campaign start than the questions started pouring in.

Given the storm the WannaCry Ransomware Attack has created recently, we surely can take a leaf or two out of this highly insightful twitter conversation. In case you missed out, here are main pointers that were concluded:

  • Digital Transformation has arrived and it is here to stay
  • No matter how traditional or unorganized your business is, all the resources can be exposed as APIs and can be integrated with any third-party apps or business for extensive growth
  • The future belongs to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • All the routine and mundane jobs will be taken over by AI & Machine Learning, but human touch would be required for personalization
  • The entire data of this world is in transit, cloud will keep on adding more measures for enhanced security
  • Single view of the customers across all channels is of the upmost importance
  • Data from all sources can be connected and leveraged for marketing campaigns

It was an insightful discussion, really. Here’s to certainly hoping that we get to witness and participate in more interesting twitter chats.

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