Twitter cuts its infrastructure department workforce
The Information stated that the new head of Twitter has dismissed several employees of its infrastructure team.

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is reported to have let go of additional workers, weeks after he terminated 75% of Twitter employees, including the C-suite.


According to media sources, Twitter’s layoffs have resumed, and this time, more employees in different categories have been hit.


The Information stated that the new head of Twitter has dismissed several employees of its infrastructure team. Although it’s still unknown how many individuals were affected, many engineers who were fired received emails notifying them that they were no longer needed at Twitter.

File photo: Elon Musk

The report continued by stating that these Twitter reductions in the infrastructure category were executed on Friday night via an official email. Elon Musk fired other senior staff before this, including the infrastructure head of Twitter.


Elon Musk has reportedly reduced the workforce since finalizing the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter to increase the profit margin as it was making losses.


He began by eliminating Parag Agarwal, the previous CEO of Twitter, but his moves also reportedly had an effect on Alan Rosa, the firm’s head of global information technology, and the vice president of information security, among many other top management positions.


The list of previous IT layoffs, which has also affected thousands of workers internationally, is increased by these new Twitter layoffs.

Big tech companies, including Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, the parent company of Meta, Cognizant, and others, had dismissed staff as the global economy slowed significantly.


Despite what people think, the tech industry was not the only one impacted by the layoffs, which also hit the media, consumer products, and other areas.


Earlier on Monday, Musk ran a poll on the microblogging site Twitter in which he asked users if they think he should resign as the CEO of Twitter. The majority of the users chose to do so.


Musk had declared that he would accept the results of the illegitimate poll, which was held early Sunday evening and finished with 57.5% voting in favor and 42.5% against.


In the unofficial vote on his chaotic leadership of Twitter, which has been labeled by massive layoffs, the re-platforming of suspended accounts that had broken Twitter’s guidelines, the suspension of reporters who have covered him, and whiplash changes in policy made and reversed in real-time and over 17 million votes were cast.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) takes part in an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) phone bank in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. December 2, 2022

On Sunday Sen. Elizabeth Warren queried whether Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter had caused the entrepreneur to abuse Tesla’s resources and lead to “unavoidable conflicts of interest” in a letter to Tesla’s board.