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Twitter: Dorsey auctions first ever tweet as digital memorabilia


The first-ever tweet on the stage Twitter is available to be purchased after Twitter manager Jack Dorsey recorded his acclaimed post as an interesting advanced mark on a site for selling tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The post, sent from Dorsey’s record in March of 2006, got offers on Friday that went as high as $88,888.88 not long after the Twitter prime supporter tweeting a connection to the posting on ‘Assets by Cent’  that is a commercial center for tweets.

Old proposals for the tweet recommend that it was put available to be purchased in December; however, the posting acquired consideration after Dorsey’s tweet on Friday.

NFTs are computerized records that fill in as advanced marks to ensure who claims photographs, recordings, and other online media.

Dorsey’s first tweet is perhaps the most renowned tweet ever on the stage and could pull in bidders to address a significant expense for the advanced memorabilia. The most noteworthy offer for the tweet remained at $ $2 million at 04:47 GMT on Saturday.

The refreshed offer was made by cryptographic money pioneer Justin Sun, who won a sale for Warren Buffett’s cause supper.

Sun tweeted that he had refreshed his proposal to 2 million USD.

Dispatched just three months prior, Valuables are contrasting to the purchasing of tweets and purchasing a signed baseball card. There is just a single interesting marked adaptation of the tweet, and if the maker consents to sell, you can possess it until the end of time.

A tweet’s purchaser will get a signed computerized testament, marked utilizing cryptography, that will incorporate metadata of the first tweet, as per the Valuables site. The sold of tweets will still be accessible on the platform.

With Twitter’s new features and policies, the platform can soon observe increased growth in the traffic that makes this bidding sort of profitable at the company’s end.



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