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Twitter finally upgrades from lower quality video uploads

The Indian Express

Twitter, one of the most widely used social networking platforms hasn’t been so good with high-quality video uploads, and it really sucks when you live in 2021. You don’t expect a popular social media platform to still allow video playbacks in 480P, the quality is super dull for anyone to enjoy the true essence of media. So, what is an upgrade? Well, 720P is still manageable and better than 480P anyway, but in today’s time 1080P should be the minimum standard on social media but 4K video quality is what we can expect in the next few years.

Having said that, according to recent reports, Twitter is finally upgrading from its pixelated low-quality 480P video uploads to 720P video uploads which is a better upgrade, if not a major one. However, the company does not say that your videos will appear non-pixelated and absolutely smooth, they said that your videos tend to appear less pixelated, having a quality upgrade.

What was the reason for such poor video quality on a platform like Twitter?

From what I have understood reading several reports and Twitter’s comments about the same, the reason was processing. When we upload videos on the platform, it processes that image by dividing it into small chunks of data which makes the processing easier and faster for the system, Twitter has reportedly revealed that this division of data was the main reason behind poor video quality on uploads.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the social networking company said that these changes have not been made live on the Twitter Media Studio, just yet. Moreover, the new high-quality video upload option will be available to everyone, but it will still have a limitation to be applied only to newer video uploads and not to your old ones. Well, it is only obvious for the new feature to do so because they are making changes in the video upload processing, it will not impact the videos that have already been uploaded on the platform.

It obviously is a considerable upgrade from 480P to 720P, but we can expect that the video quality on Twitter is far from what a platform like YouTube offers, and in order to stay on par with other platforms, Twitter will have to further upgrade its video quality to 1080P.

Have a look at the difference yourself with a tweet shared by Twitter Support.