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Twitter flares up with memes as crypto dip shakes investors

Whether to hold on or to let go is the question here. No, we are not drawing the plotline of a romantic drama. We are talking about the dip which is equally dramatic. Or perhaps, a few shades more dramatic than an actual romantic drama. The crypto market walked into the weekend to slip and fall and the fall has been quite hard on the crypto investors whose hopes of celebrating a happy weekend were shattered to bits as the graph took a deep dive. And now, instead of the weekend, they have something else to celebrate. A meme fest has begun on Twitter ever since the news of the crypto crash started to send shock waves through investors’ minds. When it comes to crypto and memes, there is no better platform than Twitter to display the pair in all its glory.

Crypto crash

Meme Fest On Twitter

Crypto is a very volatile field. You never know when your peace of mind is going to be a thing of the past. When you sign up for crypto, you sign up for an emotional roller coaster with the added bonus of developing sharp sarcasm that manifests in the form of hilarious memes every time the slightest change strikes the market. This Saturday was characterized by a sharp fall in the prices of cryptocurrencies. The culprits for the plunge are various. While widespread inflation is weakening the economy, on one hand, omicron is doing its part on the other, causing paranoia about yet another uncertain phase for the global economy.

And with the crypto crash comes the never-ending dilemma of whether to hold or buy. And it is a rather crucial decision because you are already on the edge of a bubbling volcano and a small wrong step can end up in catastrophe. When faced with such challenging situations, the best way to cope is through humor. And Twitter seems to understand that quite well. Because no matter what, we never run out of memes to lighten our moods or to laugh-cry. Now let us take a peep at the numerous memes that have been flowing incessantly from all directions since yesterday. Read along.

Well, sometimes language is not necessary to comprehend emotions. Here is one such case.

The road is not easy after all.




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