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Twitter is celebrating Cyber Monday. Are you?

It is the holiday season. And with the holiday season comes a plethora of holiday perks. We were just done with the Black Friday shopping spree. And without giving much breathing space, Cyber Monday is here. Of course, how can you sit back and relax when the Cyber Monday deals are calling you to grab the best ones. The excited frenzy is almost possible as people are at a loss as to what to buy and which deal to choose so as to make the best deal. After all, it is not every day you get a massive slash in prices. Thus, the drive to make the most of it is only natural.

Cyber Monday

Responses On Twitter

As usual, Twitter has been piling up with responses as Twitterati is busy celebrating Cyber Monday. It looks like Twitter town cannot go ahead without that mandatory Cyber Monday tweet. And with some major companies offering their deals, the excitement gains gravity. For those who don’t know, Cyber Monday is a shopping deal or rather an event that is solely focused on e-commerce transactions. The concept of Cyber Monday came up around the 2000s, thanks to the sharp observation skills of the retailers who noticed that there was a surge in sales every year, on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Now, who would say no to hassle-free online shopping with amazing deals that save a lot of money and time? Sounds like a win-win situation to me. And it seems like Twitterati agrees too. Let us go through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter as “Cyber Monday” makes it to the trending list on Twitter. And good news, there is a good dose of memes from those who are tired of the back-to-back Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-mails. Read along. Let’s celebrate Cyber Monday too in our own way.

Ahh! It is important to pay attention to the spelling.

It looks like they are going all out with a Cyber-Monday shopping spree.

Now that is a very intelligent question. Any answers?

Yes, treat yourself. But don’t forget it’s Cyber Monday and not Free-of-cost Monday

A reminder we all need but didn’t want.

The pain of deleting those emails. The struggle is real!



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