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Rivian R1T experiences by customers show 62% range loss
Rivian states in its website that there is about 50% range loss when towing.

Rivian R1T deliveries began this year in the fourth quarter. Initially, customers were thrilled about experiencing the first every electric pickup launched in the market. The vehicle is huge and gives much better performance than claims. However, after using the vehicles for some time now, customers notice the huge range loss. Instagram user @gideontherivian proved this by testing it and showing the result of 62% degradation of the battery.

First real-world Rivian R1T towing test shows huge range loss - Drive Tesla

Image credits- Drive Tesla Canada

The website shows that the vehicle will have around 50% range loss after towing. Being a vehicle with an 11,000-pound towing capacity, this was kind of expected. When the Instagram user tried testing, it showed 62% of degradation after towing with just 118 miles of travel.

It involved real-world testing by towing and involving an open trailer with Shelby Mustang GT. The Shelby and Rivian R1T along with a trailer can be seen in the picture. Considering the occupants and additional cargo, the towing weighs about 14,260 pounds. Here the test was to drive from Detroit to Los Angeles.

Towing is a stressful task

It is crucial to note that Towing is one of the more stressful tasks for a vehicle. The load needs to be pulled, needing more energy. Factors like the speed of the vehicle, road terrain, temperature, and altitude contribute to energy consumption. Real-world situations can vary from how Rivian tested their vehicles.

Teslarati points out that Tesla vehicles are subjected to real-life towing range degradation tests. EVs are useful to tow especially as they run easily than fuel-powered vehicles. For Tesla, the range loss can be combated with their charging point network. Rivian has a long way to reach there as they just started delivering vehicles to customers. Using other charging points is possible for Rivian vehicles, which would mean the public charging station network from Electrify America should increase.



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