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Twitter is talking about crypto yet again

The Twitter town is busy yet again with crypto talks, and quite naturally the frequently discussed topic is back on the trending list. The discussion is quite generic with the denizens of Twitter town sharing their experiences and insights glazed with occasional memes to complete the overall effect. Certain users also touch on recent events particularly the loss suffered by the Squid Game investors. Although that was a bitter pill, crypto enthusiasts are of the opinion that the authenticity of crypto shouldn’t be judged by one setback.


Is Crypto The Future?

Whether cryptocurrency is the currency of the future is a question that is asked quite frequently. There is a multitude of answers to that question, some of them quite contradictory to one another. The growing popularity of crypto cannot be denied as more and more leading companies are on the way to embracing crypto for payments. This underscores the authenticity of the whole concept, canceling out a bit of the skepticism that is unavoidable when it comes to cryptocurrency. It cannot be denied that a certain level of caution is necessary when dealing with crypto since volatility is its defining characteristic. Thus it will be foolish to navigate through the crypto domain without ample prudence and caution. It is a roller coaster ride and getting in without a safety belt is the last thing you want to do.

Talking about crypto in association with banks, it cannot be denied that the latter is under pressure to evolve according to the rapidly changing times and particularly due to the impact of digital payments technology. As Emily Flitter wrote in the NYT article, “Banks tried to kill crypto and failed. Now they are embracing it(Slowly).” Slowly is good enough for now. Now let us go through a few of the tweets that lined up as the crypto discussions gathered steam. Let us take a look.

Some good old inspiration to take note of.

As stated earlier, caution and prudence will prove to be great weapons when navigating through the crypto markets. Since the status can change in the blink of an eye, it will be wise not to invest entirely in crypto. It is an easy theory, with crypto, you never put all eggs in the basket, or that is how it was quite masterfully explained by a Twitter user. And perhaps the analogy is good enough for the next time you decide to invest in cryptocurrency.



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