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Twitter Launches New DM Search Bar Option For Android


One of the biggest social media platforms and micro blogging sites Twitter just revealed a new feature for its android users. Twitter has just launched the DM search bar for Android. This feature has already been in the iOS version for two years now. This feature will eventually let the users on the Android application to search from the list of their DMs for the chats or the groups they are a part of.

This new feature of the search bar in the android is supposed to select and show conversations on the basis of the name of the user the name of the group. This feature will help the users to quickly search for the conversation without going through the entire list.

Twitter also plans to launch another feature by the end of this year where users will be able to find conversations with key words. They will be able to type words and sentences and the DMs containing those words or sentences will show up in that list. If that chats have same or similar words, they will appear in a chronological order.

Along with adding new features, Twitter is also working on improving its search tool by allowing the users to search through all of the conversations in their DMs. Users can search for both old and recent conversations using this feature.

Not a long time ago, Twitter made an announcement that it has started to roll out a feature for testing in Android where the users will be able to send voice notes and voice DMs in the conversations.




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