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Twitter overflows with memes as Elon Musk reveals the Tesla bot.

Twitter is hit by yet another wave of memes following the reveal of Tesla bot by Elon Musk. Elon Musk already hold the reputation of being the catalyst for memes on Twitter. And add to that an unexpected reveal, the excitement touches a tick off point. And the tremors of the same are well felt on Twitter as memes flow left right and center giving twitterati yet another reason to polish their meme making skills.

The What and Why

It all started with Elon Musk. Quite a dramatic line to throw around though it is not inappropriate since we are talking about Elon Musk. On Thursday, the Tesla CEO made an unexpected announcement following which he unveiled a humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot, which is all the rage in Twitter right now. The Tesla Bot makes use of the very same AI that is used by the company’s long chain of autonomous vehicles. However, the excited crowd did not get to see an actual functional version of the robot. But the company did try to cover that gap with a dance performance by someone dressed as a Tesla Bot, the bizzareness of which might have triggered some memes. Perhaps Musk is trying to build up the excitement and expectation by not revealing it until the last moment. For now, it has definitely build up some good old memes.

Another reason for the chain reaction of memes might be the fact that the robot is a bit creepy with Slenderman-like features. And the robot made of “lightweight” materials might have had a heavy impact on people who were totally not expecting a reveal. After all unexpected events always churn some frenzied excitement and in this case, memes. According to Musk, the robot is supposed to be “friendly.” For now, let us spare a debate on that topic and take a look at the friendly memes.

No, it is not weird at all.

“Memories bring back, memories bring back you.”

More to come! So save your best memes for the future!

Somebody clearly has got it all wrong here. Let us not delve into the “who” part of it.

Should we be laughing?

Suspicious much?

Well, as they say, “failures are the stepping stones to success.”

Not a bad prospect after all.

Is that excitement, shock or displeasure? Or a mix of all?

People will never be happy until terminator waves a hi at them. Till then we will not terminate these terminator memes.






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